Perhaps if he had been confident in , he would have gone straight ahead of the charge here, but Ki-chan was not strong enough. It was just that he was busy swallowing her sound fluid, with his hands wide open and his tongue busily moving up and down, smashing his face under her buttocks behind the mysterious. I twirled around with my fingers and caressed them. Still, Ki-chan didn’t even poke his fingers in fear that the curtain would go bad. Depending on the day, the amount of supplementation from the Mysterious seemed to be twice as much as usual.
She was shaking her body as she made her mouth like a straw and swallowed the liquid from her vagina. It was at its zenith. Sticky intervertebral fluid was being pushed out of the vagina.완주개인회생 개인회생비용
Thus swallowed all her notes, Gi-chan laid her down straight, put her lips on her lips, and caressed her tongue. When Kichan’s caress was over and he fell asleep, the mystery went into the blanket and sucked his little pepper in his mouth as if resentful. Gi-chan was falling into a deep, deep sleep, even as he felt his chrysalis bite and munch. Mee-ryeong was sucking his powerless and fell asleep, cutting his thigh.

The dawn was beautiful.
Gi-chan was asleep. He was still dormant.
Sleep was running away. Something seemed to be moving from the bottom of the ladder.
Gichan was slowly waking up with a dreamy feel of caressing himself like a dream.
Someone seemed to be sucking at his own.김제개인회생 개인회생비용
The man knows when he’s the most powerful…That was the time, exactly. A mysterious man was sleeping with his mouth full of stretching on Kichan’s thigh. Gi-chan felt a strong sexual desire. Without a word, she grabbed the mysterious leg, sucking the man’s lip and moving her lower body to the place where his face was. It became a 69-year-old position. He, too, cut her thighs open and sucked her. His began to stiffen in search of strength for the first time in a long time. The breath of the spirit was gradually fading away.남원개인회생 개인회생비용
Perhaps it was by then that the Mysterious awoke. The spirit began to pump his head. And She Said
“I want to have a father’s baby…!”
Her caress at the end of her speech became rougher.
When Gi-chan became more stiff after hearing the words, a mysterious man, who caressed him, laid him flat with his body, and quickly turned himself around, sat on his underside, holding him with one hand, and then sat down.
It happened in a flash.
His mouth, which had been wet by the saliva of a mysterious spirit, was quickly impregnated into the moistened one.
“Wow…! Haakhakhakhakhakhak.”
She didn’t scream, even though the pain in the waves would be enormous at the moment.
Just gasping for breath, he began to peck on his stomach.
She was the one who crouched frantically fast and fast.

The sheets on the bed were covered with blood in the morning. It was like a woman’s menstruation. But Ki-chan knew better than anyone that she was not due to have menstruation. Then Ki-chan could see that her pain would be enormous.
They just tried to get over it without anyone knowing.전주개인파산 개인회생비용
However, with that one contact, the mysterious had a child and the child was the first son.

She showed symptoms of addiction, not just morning sickness.  I haven’t eaten anything since five months ago. He was hospitalized and barely survived by IVF. Her body became so weak that by Caesarean section she gave birth to a son.
Gi-chan’s wife took his brother from him and put him in her family register as her son and gave her a building.
Kichan’s wife sent out how she persuaded her that she didn’t need everything and wanted to live beside him.
She had to leave home without being bitten by her brother.
As she left, Lee Ki-chan had been very busy running for the city council, and it was only after the election that he knew that his wife had driven her away.
Presumably, did he ask her to leave for the election of her husband running for the city council and for her children?
So Ilnam was born in this world as a person who legally had a mother of sixty nine.
Kichan, who remains sorry for the mother of Ilnam, falls in love with Ilnam after that.​대전개인회생 개인회생비용
After Ilnam was born, Gi-chan’s wife died the following year after a long battle with illness. When Gi-chan ordered a man to find the spirit, it was listed in the family register of another man. So I had to give up the mystery.
I had to have a mother for my younger brother. So when I met Jung So-hee, I proposed to her and got married.

At the end of Lee Ki-chan’s recollection, the taxi was going downhill, passing the mountaintop.
May’s sky was clear and bright with sunshine.

There was a village where a mysterious village lived in a mud village a little away from the center of Seogwipo.
Kichan, who got off a taxi at the entrance to the village, was very easily able to find the house of the mysterious.
The house of the spirit was very good for the country village.
The garden was as good as a villa of a chaebol family, and the building was small, but it was well-organized.
It didn’t seem to fit in to be the house where a haenyeo lives.
When I visited the house, I was alone in the house, Ko Hae-ryeong, a cousin of a mysterious woman.

When Lee Ki-chan entered the house, Hae-ryeong looked at him and asked him if he was Lee Ki-chan’s boss before he introduced himself.
When I said yes, she said she was waiting for me, telling me about the life of a mysterious woman.

It was around 3 p.m. when Gi-chan arrived at the Miryeong’s house.대전개인회생전문 개인회생비용
Hae-ryeong, who had gone to work, was not at home, and greeted Gi-chan, was now a girl who graduated from a girls’ high school rather than a woman.
The Haeryeong led Mr. Ki-chan to the living room. And introduced himself as Ko Hae-ryeong, a cousin of the mysterious. He also said that he heard so much about Ki-chan from his sister that he met for the first time, but felt like a relative he had known for a long time.
Gi-chan asked her how the mystery is doing these days and naturally she began to tell the story of the mystery she had heard from it.
After the loss of his son Il-nam, the spirit was losing its will to live.
It was a prefabricated house built on the fifth floor of a four-story building given by Gi-chan’s wife, and had to move as if it had been driven out. The mother of Mi-ryeong, who felt sorry for her daughter who was not able to take care of herself, came to Seoul and collected her spirit, and the two mothers and daughters started a restaurant in the corner of the first floor of the building. It is a seafood soup that is boiled with fresh seafood, and clam soup, etc. is rumored to be spreading from mouth to mouth, earning a lot of money.
Around that time, the spirit was said to have devoted itself simply madly to work.대전개인파산 개인회생비용
From buying things at dawn to meeting the settlement at night, the mystery did almost everything. At first, the store, which Mi-ryeong saw at the counter and her mother started working in the kitchen, was so good that customers had to wait for her even if she used up 50 pyeong of floor space on the first floor of the building, so only three months after she started the business, she had about 10 employees.
In fact, there was no need for the Mysterious to work. It is said that the rent from the building alone allowed two people to live above the middle class. It is said that the mother of a mysterious woman saved a lot of money as she started her business with her to save the lost spirit from disappointment.
When you’re so into making money, a man appears in the spirit.
He was a healthy man who was three years older than a mummy. He was born an orphan who didn’t know his parents and was driving a company taxi when he met a spirit. I happened to get on the way to the dawn market and approached her with a good feeling. At first, the man thought the mystery was the restaurant’s waitress.전주개인회생 개인회생비용
The man, who knew that a mysterious woman with a pure Garyeon-hyung face and a body figure went grocery shopping alone every morning, was waiting in front of his house every morning and approached him naturally, but he began to follow her in earnest when he learned that she was not only in shape but also in wealth.익산개인회생 개인회생비용
At first, he started by giving her a ride as if he had run into her on his way to the early morning market, and then he spread rumors to his friend as if he were his lover, and finally, he said that the restaurant, the house of a mysterious woman, was his own.
It was the height of stalking. At first, Mee-ryeong is said to have liked the man and had a lot of conflicts with him. It was because it was unlikely that men would understand and love women with a history of having children. But the man became so obsessed with her, and he became sick of following her without doing his job.
When the spirit was not likely to move forever, the man reportedly faked the documents and even filed for marriage.
The spirit sees a newspaper obituary that Lee Ki-chan’s wife died around that time.서산개인회생 개인회생비용
The man came to the mysterious restaurant every day, crying and begging, and when he couldn’t, he threatened and forced the spirit to marry him.
So, she rented a restaurant and took her mother home to Jeju Island. I told people not to let me know the address of Jeju Island.
That was why after Lee Ki-chan’s wife died, Ki-chan received a report that she was married when he investigated her.
There was no stalking of a man, and there was a sense of security in his hometown. The mother and daughter, who returned to their hometowns, also increased their homes and land. There was money earned in Seoul, and monthly rent from the building, so there was no inconvenience in living. However, the mummy’s mother was a haenyeo who spent 60 years of her life in the dark.
When I came back to Seogwipo, I wanted to do water work again. Although she regained her health, she couldn’t let her mother work alone, so even if there was little harvest for her health, she agreed to work for her health, thinking she was playing near the house, and Mee-ryeong followed her around and learned how to work as a haenyeo.정읍개인회생 개인회생비용
When you start working, the mystery finds out that the job is very healthy. First of all, I lost sleep while working as a haenyeo.

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