world in the water.

There were many cases where sleep pills had to be taken because they couldn’t sleep, but they were gone after they had been out of sleep. The mind and body were stabilized, and there was another world in the water.
By the time you find stability in Jeju’s life, hundreds of millions of dollars are coming into your hands.
(-Oh, my God, someone’s nose is broken when they fall backwards.)
A taxi driven by a man who was chasing a ghost was hit by a drunk driving vehicle and the man died on the spot. The man who was driving under the influence of alcohol was arrested immediately, so the driver’s family came to Jeju Island with money for an agreement.수원개인파산 개인회생비용
When the mystery was chased away, the people, who had assumed that the settlement money was insufficient, went back to Seoul to sell their houses, sell their land, and bring it down to write the agreement.
After a while, this time, the insurance company came and gave me money.용인개인파산 개인회생비용
The man dreamed of a jackpot, but he only gave it a jackpot and went to the other world.
Since the man’s death, the mystery never remarried and said he would one day return everything to Ilnam. And for Ilnam, who will visit him someday, he built and cultivated a house in Jeju, saying it was his vacation home.
In fact, Hae-ryeong’s story ended by saying that the man grabbed Mi-ryeong’s wrist a few times and left everything behind him.
At the end of the story, the two looked at each other, and when Kichan asked for a tour of the garden, Hae-ryeong told him to wait a moment, so he went into the main room and brought out a pair of modernized hanboks.
When I went shopping with my sister in Jeju City last year, she saw the improved hanbok and said it would look good on Ki-chan, and suggested that he wear it in the main room because he bought it thinking he might come someday.
Kichan wore the clothes and looked around the garden together.성남개인파산 개인회생비용
The garden seemed bigger than the house of Seoul’s Gi-chan. In addition to the garden attached to the house, when I went out through a small side door on the back of the house, there was a garden that was worth thousands of pyeong. In the fig tree around the garden, half-cooked figs were still open. In addition to palm trees, tangerines, and other trees that can only be seen in Jeju Island were overgrown in the garden.인천개인회생 개인회생비용
Looking around the garden behind the house and looking around the yard, I could see a tree with long leaves and blue fruits. It was a tree in a position overlooking the living room. I looked into the fruit and the sea lion said it was a bifar tree. Then a mysterious man, who looked healthy in the yard, came into the house with a mare of work tools and seafood caught in the material, and saw a man wearing an improved hanbok and looking into the fruit of Bipa.
“Who are you?”
asked the Haeryeong. Hae-ryeong shed tears instead of a horse. Was it a hunch? The Haeryeong threw away the objects she was holding and covered her mouth with her hands. Finally, in the eyes of Gi-chan, who turned to the act of popularity, there was a mystery that closed his mouth and looked at him. The spirit stared blankly at Gi-chan, and at last, hesitated, shedding tears from his eyes. But
“Dad…”인천개인회생전문 개인회생비용
The hesitation was a moment. At a time, a mysterious man jumped into the arms of Gi-chan and cried and cried.
“Why are you here now? Why? Why?”
“Yes, Miryeong! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Mysterious!”
They were crying and crying and soothing so.
The Haeryeong was also turning around to shed tears.
Darkness was falling in the yard as the cries of the two, who had been crying so much for a while, died down.
-Let’s wrap up this scene for readers who have seen a lot of Yi San’s family reunions on television.-
As if she’s awake, Haeryeong,
“Sister! I’ll prepare dinner.”인천개인회생전문법무사 개인회생비용
And then we go home.
“Oh, look at my mind! Haeryeong, that…gi!”
He wiped away tears with one hand, pointing to the mesh thrown with the work tools.
The sea lion, who was looking into Mangtae, screamed in surprise.
Usually, haenyeo sell catch seafood to tourists who want to eat fresh seafood on the spot, but because the mystery was not done because they needed money, the king usually only caught enough to eat at home.
The mangtae was filled with sea cucumber conch and abalone. There were many red ginsengs among sea cucumbers. However, it contained something like gravel, which was well over 30 centimeters in diameter.

※Red ginseng: Red ginseng is called red ginseng, which is the best sea cucumber.

“What is this, sister?”부천개인회생 개인회생비용
“Yes, I’ve got a lot caught today, so I brought them all. I’m going to have a meal, but I won’t have to.”
It was abalone.
Abalone, which is about 20 centimeters in diameter, is not uncommon in natural mountains. Growing up on the beach, they saw it as a huge big thing.
That day I had caught so much that I was going to eat and sell it to the market, but now that Gi-chan had come, I thought I’d be with him for a while, not for sale.
While Hae-ryeong was preparing dinner, the two blossomed while talking about what had happened in the living room.
When Gi-chan’s wife died, the spirit was listed as the wife of a man who had nothing to do with her family register, and she was saddened by the fact that she could not come.
It turned out that the spirit still lived in the Doksu workshop.
So the two talked about the years that passed, sometimes crying and sometimes laughing.
After having dinner at a seafood-filled table prepared by the Haeryeong and talking for a while, when the travel-weary Kichan was tired, the Mysterious prepared Kichan’s bed in the main room, and when he saw him take off his clothes and enter the bed, he went out to the kitchen.김포개인회생 개인회생비용
In the kitchen, the Hae-ryeong and the Mee-ryeong sisters were constantly giggling about what was good.
Gi-chan was fast asleep.
“Hae-ryeong! I have a favor to ask of you. Will you do it?”
“You too! What kind of request?”
“I, in fact, wasn’t I your brother-in-law’s housemaid…By the way, it actually started today.”
“That thing. Dalgeori, so, you’re going to be slow on the flowers today instead of me!”
“What’s that?”
“I’m doing it, not that I can’t get married, but I’m giving a man the energy of a woman, and I just have to hug her naked and sleep.”
“You too! Unwillingly.”의왕개인회생 개인회생비용
“Then I’ll send you to college next year.”
The sea lion seemed to be tempted.
After her mother ran away from home after her little father, who was riding a ship, died in a sea disaster and was three years old, her daughter, Hae-ryeong, and her mother, Ha-ryeong had lived by relying on her as if she were her mother had run away from home. Haeryeongdo Island had a beautiful body, resembling a mummy, and had fresh and healthy brown skin as it grew up in the sea breeze.
The Miryeong, whose son Ilnam was taken away, had been rewarded for raising the Haeryeong.
However, last year, when she tried to send a high school graduate to a university, she said she would not go to college. It was not that the spirit did not know the mind of the Haeryeong. It was not a mystery I didn’t know that I would do that because I didn’t want to bother my sister anymore.시흥개인회생 개인회생비용
For a while it had left them at odds.
When Hae-ryeong told me that she would send me a university and give me a foreign language course if I serve Ki-chan on behalf of her for a few nights, Hae-ryeong willingly accepted my sister’s request that she could do something for her sister.
And the spirit said, “You don’t have to send me the university.”
– Now that Ki-chan has to wake up, Jeju Island’s night will be no matter what, let’s go back to Lee Ki-chan’s mansion in Seoul.
It was not until 12 o’clock that Jung So-hee and Cha Il-bu finished the work and went into the women’s quarters, and Cha Il-bu, who was on vacation, fell asleep.광명개인회생 개인회생비용
Housekeeper Kim returned home around 1 p.m.
Mi-ae, who was in the hospital, came back after seeing Mi-ae eat lunch given by the hospital because she got IV drip and was mentally and physically squashed. It was not a disease that needed a caregiver in particular, and he was able to move on his own enough, so Kim said he would come back tomorrow and returned home.
Mrs. Chung said she was tired and went to bed today, saying she was canceling all appointments and going out, while Mrs. Kim, a housekeeper, cleaned up and started her own work because of what had happened since dawn.
All day long, Kim felt amazing when he thought about the annex in the morning.
“The beasts! Are you that happy?”군포개인회생 개인회생비용
I was muttering these words while I was working alone. The reason she kept saying that was because every time she said that, she remembered the two people intertwined in the morning. Kim did not know that his eyes kept going towards the detached house even though he was working at home.
Kim knew that Cha Il-bu went to the company with the chairman.

Cha Il-bu only woke up after 3 p.m.화성시개인회생 개인회생비용
In the aftermath of harassing Mi-ae for days and even getting rid of Jeong, who seemed to be such an idol in the morning, I just wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t.
Normally, Chairman Lee Hoi-chang usually came home at three o’clock, but today he had to go to a hospital with a crush on him, and also to go when Il-nam was leaving school.
As he got up and went up to the women’s quarters, Kim, who was working in the kitchen, saw some of them and blushed as if he had been caught playing a strange prank alone.
To some who stopped by the hospital in his wife’s car and said they would let Il-nam go home, Kim asked if the chairman had left work, and some said he drove out today.인천개인파산 개인회생비용
Leaving behind Kim’s words that he would tell his wife so, some drove to the hospital.
There were two more mothers hospitalized after giving birth to a baby in a beautiful four-bedroom room. At first, they knew Miae had been hospitalized after having her sofa surgery. However, he knew through a nurse that he was hospitalized for vaginal inflammation and treated it as if he was seeing any strange animal.화성개인회생 개인회생비용
Then, when Cha Il-bu entered the room, he only said sorry by holding Mi-ae’s hand with IV fluids in her eyes, and left the hospital room at the time of Il-nam’s school.
Ilnam came home from school, and Cha Il-bu, who had nothing special, went down to the separate house.
After Il-nam came home, and Il-nam’s tutor came and went to Il-nam’s room, Jung So-hee woke up.

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