Part 2
Sect. 1. Tamra Annex
Kichan tries to leave the room with a bag in his hand, wearing an improved hanbok given by a mysterious man. I changed my clothes and turned around again when I found out that the money was not in my pocket. The mysterious woman, who was about to see him off, looked puzzled. Let’s ask them to take out the wallet in the suit, the mystery,
“Oh…! Bath money….”전주개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Instead of his wallet, he rushed in and gave him three 10,000 won bills.
Gi-chan went to the bathhouse.
The reason was unknown, but Ki-chan’s steps were powerful.
I felt refreshed all over. I thought I would feel refreshed if I soaked myself in the hot soup. The bathhouse had just begun to open and was quiet and clean with few people.
As I was going to soak myself in a hot bath in the bathhouse, I couldn’t figure out where to begin with because various thoughts were tangled like thread.익산개인회생 개인회생신청방법
First of all, I was embarrassed to see the sea urination right away, so I felt burdened to go back.
After taking a bath, I was thirsty to see banana milk in the lounge, so I ate one and left the bathroom.
Now there were not many passers-by on the streets that began to dawn, and the cool breeze of the morning was so refreshing that it felt like it was damp. As I was walking home, I looked up and saw the gentle ridge of Mt. Halla in the distance. I still had enough time, so I had to take a walk, so I walked slowly along the field road and started to go up toward Mt. Halla.
Before long, the field was over and a forest road with subtropical weeds came out.
He was clearing things up as he walked along the forest path. The sports center was flowing with several rocks. At the center of the rock was General Affairs Director Chung Min-tae.서산개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Acting Jung So-hee’s cousin, he was keen to secure independent power under the calculation that he would probably hand over the sports center to Chung if Lee Ki-chan died. There was also a faction against Chung Min-tae. Jin Tae-rang, the youngest son-in-law who resigned as president when Ki-chan became a city council member, was at the center of it, and was in a tight balance of power with each other.정읍개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Perhaps because of that, he continued to struggle in the dark, not to be pushed out of either side. Thanks to the battle, the company was in a period of stability more than ever.
In fact, the question of how to keep the cash is a serious one for the owner of the company. However, if the two forces are turned into an even position like the current sports center, they cannot easily touch cash because they are looking at each other’s weaknesses while keeping each other in check.
There would be no immediate problem with the sports center. But if Ki-chan goes up to Seoul and breaks up with Jung, the problem will be different. On this occasion, it was clear that the Jin Tae-rang faction would try to completely eliminate the Jeong Min-tae group, and after that, the monopoly of the Jin Tae-rang faction, which used the power vacuum, would immediately lead to denial.
Chairman Lee Ki-chan’s troubles were beginning here.
The forest path was creeping up and down, leading to the ridges of Mt. Halla.
Time was passing, but the hot sun did not rise, and rather the wind felt colder. Time was passing as he climbed the path while organizing this and that, but Ki-chan forgot about it and was immersed in various thoughts.
Bees were buzzing in the flowering wild rose vines.완주개인회생 개인회생신청방법
When I suddenly felt the drop of water falling on my forehead and looked up at the sky while walking for so long, I could see the dark clouds moving quickly.
One by one, raindrops were falling.
When I thought I had come too far, I thought I was hungry, too.
The weather was threatening to rain. Moreover, the sun did not rise, so it was hard to orient.
At last the drizzling rain began to pour like a summer shower.
It was hard to get directions, but it was hard to see because of the rain.
Gi-chan went down recklessly.김제개인회생 개인회생신청방법
It was hard to find the way.
As I fumbled down for a long time, a muddy valley stood in front of me. There is no big river in Jeju Island. Jeju’s soil, composed of volcanic eruptions, is said to have a property that absorbs rain quickly, making it rare for large water to flow into valleys.
However, if there was a lot of rain near Mt. Halla, the valley was filled with muddy water and blocked the road.
Even if we didn’t cross the valley, if we went down, the road would come out.
Kichan secured the freedom of his hands by tying the washcloth to the cord of the improved hanbok, and then carefully moved along the valley without crossing the water. The water in the valley seemed to be rising momentarily. Kichan was forced to go down the slope of the valley.남원개인회생 개인회생신청방법
As with all the mountains of Jeju, the slope was gentle, but the weeds did not easily open the way for the flagpole. Just modernized hanbok on the leisurely walking shoes that need gichan from the branches with a rough can fully protect them because he arms and face.Scratched, also moved to Little by little low places.
But after meeting the valley, Gi-chan couldn’t get out of the way just 30 meters and hit a snag. A rock wall of unknown height was blocking it like a folding screen. The top of the rock wall was covered with rain and fog and all rose beyond sight. The rain was raging, further bewildering Ki-chan.
Under the rock, the valley water flowing thickly, probably with considerable depth. There was no retreat for Ki-chan. Where Gi-chan was coming down, the sound of muddy water flowing roughly sounded like thunder. In short, it was a moment as if it had entered the entrance of hell.전주개인파산 개인회생신청방법
When he thought he couldn’t stop as it was, Ki-chan began to move sideways with the rock standing in his way like a folding screen. Kichan carefully cleared the road and moved one step by one.
Under the rock, there was an unusually thick patch of miscellaneous wood, which made it difficult to clear the road. Moreover, the speed of Gi-chan was surprisingly slow to move forward, conscious of possible precipitations.
In such a grueling struggle, he left the road for more than half an hour, but no signs of climbing up or the rock wall ending were found.​대전개인회생 개인회생신청방법
The rock walls had grown considerably in size of the crease-like ridges formed when the folding screen was erected. At first, the width of entry and exit, which was about a meter long, expanded to about five to six meters long, allowing three to four generals to go around one bend together.
When going to the concave part, there were fewer and narrow branches, but when going around the convex part of the bump toward the valley of the rock wall, the branches were thick and the ground was often steeped toward the valley, making it the most dangerous and frightening moment. Kichan made a careful step forward as he opened the road. Perhaps that’s how the dangerous moment of life was passing. So, when it stopped for a moment after advancing for another half an hour or so, it seemed, in Gi-chan’s gaze, there was a cave-like thing at the top of the front rock wall. I tried to look closely, but it just looked like a rock wall. The rain continued to fall steadily, and now the valley’s turbidity was not a problem, but rather a sinister idea of a landslide and a rock wall collapsing, and fear occupied the mind.대전개인회생전문 개인회생신청방법
Again, when Gi-chan returned to the protruding teeth of the rock wall, Gi-chan fell into despair. When I went forward, the road was cut off and it was gone.
In front of Gi-chan’s standing stood a cliff that was unknown how many meters, and below it was just the roar of more than a meter of stones rolling down the tak-water, waiting for Ki-chan.
Kichan had not believed the expression that the water of the valley flowed and made thunderous sounds. It was inconceivable that the valley would make thunder-like sounds, but the sound of water flowing through the valley that day was no less than thunder. Water wasn’t the only one flowing. The roar of rocks nearly a meter in diameter in the valley, which was swept away by flowing water, was completely different from the murmur of water in the valley, which was usually encountered by Kichan.
It was almost a hopeless position. Many of the points already passed by Gi-chan were submerged in turbid currents, and it seemed too late to go back.대전개인파산 개인회생신청방법
Gi-chan thought of death at the moment.
At that time, Gi-chan, like his instinct, turned his eyes toward the spot where he had seen something like a cave before and found a completely different place. The concave part of the part where Gi-chan passed was visible. For a moment he thought he was looking at something. But it seemed to have enough space for the present-day Kichan to hide, if not at least a deep cave.
Kichan didn’t feel it because he was carrying the rock, but now it seemed that the space above Kichan’s head was empty, about three meters above and one meter wide.
The lower part of the tree was protruding, so it was never found if you looked straight up from the bottom, and the trunk of a large vine covered the entrance like a curtain. 세종시개인회생 개인회생신청방법
It was a space that could hardly be found even if the location was slightly wrong. The top part was dug almost horizontally, making it perfect for Kichan to avoid the rain just from the outside.
Turning all the way back, Gi-chan stood under the rock, groping his hand to gauge the cave and crawling up to the cave, holding a branch that stretched out toward it. Still in the valley, the sound of water rolling gave Ki-chan the strength he had been fed.
The rocks flowing with rainwater were slippery and the trees were holding rainwater, making it difficult to reach them in hand, but more fear than death was drawing praise.
Finally entered the cave.천안개인회생 개인회생신청방법
There was no rain in the cave.
Ki-chan was not envious of anyone when space was secured beyond the rain.
Because I thought the water would fall out when the rain stopped, and then I could go down.
The moment I thought of it, Ki-chan thought he was hungry.
The space where Gi-chan entered was like a natural cave. It was connected horizontally and long, and the air was weak but flowing into it as if it were going somewhere.

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