felt cold now.

The mouth of the cave was almost square, but as it went inside, it gradually turned round and seemed to be connected for a long time. It was necessary to look inside the cave first, so Kichan decided to look inside the cave. It could have been dangerous because the ground was covered with fallen leaves. Gi-chan carefully crept into the dark cave. Approximately three meters from the entrance, Gi-chan was able to find a vacant lot on the floor, about half of the university’s classroom, stuck in a long connected cave.
It was so close to the entrance that it wasn’t so dark.
The wet clothes felt cold now.

인천개인회생 개인회생신청방법
The fallen leaves were blown away by the wind and piled up, so we could collect them and complain, but Ki-chan had no matches to light the fire or Lita.
Kichan carefully examined the bottom of the cave, thinking, “If other people had gone back and forth here in the past, there might be some kind of match.”
But there was no sign of human entry on the bottom of the cave.
While carefully sweeping the sand from the vacant lot, a hard yet warm-touching object the size of a thumb was touched in the sand. 인천개인회생전문 개인회생신청방법
It was like a moving surface as if it were easily pulled out.
As soon as Ki-chan grabbed it and pulled it up, the bottom of his foot went out and began to fall down with the sand. Like an ant caught in a hell of an ant, Gi-chan slipped down with sand.
It trickled down and flopped about three meters into the air.
The sand was piled up under Gi-chan’s fall, so I was not shocked.
After a long struggle in the sand, Ki-chan found his way out first.
The place where Gi-chan fell was the ceiling of the cave, about six meters from the floor.
I just couldn’t seem to get up.인천개인회생전문법무사 개인회생신청방법
There seemed to be no other abnormality in the body. Suddenly Ki-chan felt very hungry.
It was strange that the cave as a whole was bright and not dark.
Gi-chan began to scrutinize himself to get out of the cave.
The cave was not dark at all because one wall was like a glass block of a building, with white minerals like silice.
※Gyuam: Gyuam is made of rock by silica, which is a raw material of glass.
The cave, which was about 200 pyeong wide, was about 6 to 10 meters high overall. Inside, it was higher.
Inside it was a white round stone, about three meters in diameter, and on the one side was a small lake with clear water.
The lake was filled with transparent water so that the depth was unknown.
On the side of the Gyuam, there was a space like a bathtub filled with milky water.
There seemed to be no space to go outside either way. There was a tangle of tree roots and things like where they dug into the wall on the side of the lake, and there was a large mushroom, about 30 centimeters tall, with moss-like red in the middle of the moss-like color scheme.​부천개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Next to something like a bathtub filled with milky water, there was a white stone, as if it had been deliberately made for use as a bed, and the surface was smooth.
When I went there, there was a thick pile of it.
with a gentle sweep of the hand There was a strange object in it that was the size of a ping-pong ball, with a bright jade color. When I held an object that made me feel a little wobbly to see if it contained water inside, it was giving off warm warmth.
The snake’s eggs, like poisonous snakes, or it felt like there was life inside anyway.
When I cleaned it up on the side and swept it to the floor, I thought I could use it as a bed with clean sides as if it had been smoothed out with white stones.김포개인회생 개인회생신청방법
I cleaned up the stone bed and lay down on it, and it seemed that something like a gentle heat came up and enveloped the whole body warmly.
I was feeling cold in the rain, and lying on it, I could not feel the cold, and I could feel my clothes drying up as I was hot from the heat coming up from the stone.
As he lies on top of it and looks up at the ceiling of the cave, Ki-chan thinks that he is behaving strangely. It’s not a novel, it’s…,
Anyway, I had to get out of this cave quickly, and after an hour of lying down and resting, my clothes were almost dry. After releasing the washbasin that had been tied to the waistband of the improved hanbok, the company began to search the cave, which had once again fallen off the side of the stone bed.의왕개인회생 개인회생신청방법
There was no wind in Ki-chan’s eyes looking down at the bottom of the lake, and I could see a tree root-like thing entangled in the bottom of the lake, and the white thread-like thing on the root of the tree grew about seven millimeters and seemed to be swaying in the waves. When I looked closely, it was not the root of the thread, but the baby of a small shrimp.
And after a while of careful examination, I could see some small finger-sized fish eating the shrimp. And from a little distance, you could see palm-sized fish that occasionally bounced, and over a period of time you could see fish that were more than 33.3 cm in size.
After looking at the lake for a while, I observed closely where moss and mushrooms were growing, but could not find any other abnormalities. Mushrooms were like poisonous mushrooms. Generally, edible mushrooms don’t have any color to see, but poisonous mushrooms look better.시흥개인회생 개인회생신청방법
The milky liquid next to the bed seemed to have rotted because the water had been pooled for a long time. But it was not dirty for the rotten water, and it was smelling like a fragrant fruit instead of a stench. He was hungry, so he washed the water of the lake with his hands several times, and returned to the stone bed and lay down again. No matter how hungry I was, all I could eat seemed to be the water of the lake.
Kichan went to the lake several times to drink water and could not eat anything.
The shining white stone was getting dark over time.
Kichan thought, the stone seemed to serve as a kind of optical fiber, collecting sunlight during the day and sending it to underground caves.
Before I knew it, the cave was in darkness. Kichan lay on the bed and slept on a washcloth.
While the warmth of the stone bed made his whole body comfortable, Ki-chan fell asleep.광명개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Sleeping did not mean that Ki-chan could rest comfortably. Ki-chan had to wake up from his dream several times. It was almost the same dream that Ki-chan saw in his dreams whenever he fell asleep. When I went to China a few years ago, I kept dreaming of people in ancient costumes I saw at the excavation site of Qin Shi Huang Tomb. I had no choice but to toss and turn, mainly dreaming of people in such attire, sailing on a sailboat with young boys and girls dressed like that, and wandering in the mountains.
The darkness was receding from the cave, shining from the white stone again.
I woke up and drank water, but I was not full, but rather hungry.
Gi-chan fell into despair when he thought that people would not be able to come to his rescue.
I came to the idea that it would be better to choose death on my own before I die because I was more hungry.
After going back and forth to drink water several times, I finally picked up the red mushrooms. There is no law that says to die (?), so when I think that maybe I won’t die, I think that I can’t do it even if I die – a ghost that has eaten and died is fine.- thought and took a bite of the red mushroom corner. When mushrooms entered the mouth, they turned into a liquid that gave off a fragrant scent and went over their necks.군포개인회생 개인회생신청방법
When Kichan thought it was a good food to eat, he even ate all the mushrooms.
It was quite a size, but it was only then that I felt full after I had eaten it all.
Gi-chan lay on the stone bed.
Suddenly, the pain began to come with the feeling of something like duck eggs moving in the lower abdomen, and the hot heat spread throughout the body. Gi-chan hurriedly took off his clothes and became naked, but the heat was growing more intense.
In my head, I felt as if I had turned on the volume of the radio that was not tuned well, and my whole body seemed to be burning with heat in an instant, and I felt a severe thirst as my body was hot. It was so hot that it was hard to move. I wanted to fall into the lake. On his way, he had to roll over and go, but Ki-chan fell naked as if he were stuck upside down in a bathtub containing milk-colored liquid.
After drinking more than a bucket of water due to pain all over my body, I could turn around and breathe out my head. The thought of breathing and not dying ended in a moment, and as the water he drank went into his stomach and the ice-swallowing cold spread, the fever of the mushrooms collided with the heat of the mushrooms in his body, the intestines boiled on fire, frozen with ice, and the twisting pain spread throughout his body, leaving Ki-chan unconscious.인천개인파산 개인회생신청방법
Ki-chan lost his mind, but since then a strange phenomenon began to occur in Ki-chan’s dead lying body. At first, a tremor that seemed almost visible was felt on the body, but soon the tremor was vibrating like a quiver was shaking in the wind. I wondered if the joints of his bones were stretching out depending on the body’s trembling, and as if a snake was removing its skin, the dead skin cells that were covering his whole body were rising one by one. Things were going on over and over again, finally, as when the skin that happened was peeling off and the skin was peeling off with an Italian towel, revealing red flesh, forming the dead skin cells again, and then peeling the dead skin cells. Skin peeling and new skin sprouting was repeated as if peeling an onion.
It was unclear how many times this bizarre phenomenon was repeated. 
The milky liquid was losing its table air and turning into a clear, transparent light as it was absorbed through his whole body pores while Ki-chan’s skin was repeatedly peeling off.
The black mushrooms in his whole body were disappearing one by one, and whether the flesh of his lower abdomen spread throughout his body was disappearing without leaving nothing behind. His white hair, which seemed white as if snow had fallen on his head, was turning black.
That’s how his body was changing.

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