Ki-chan’s nose.

As if he was waiting for this moment, the jade-colored egg (the egg that was removed to one side thinking that Ki-chan might be a poisonous snake’s egg) turned into a gas and was entering Ki-chan’s nose.
While Ki-chan was losing consciousness, he was meeting three different stories.
Cheonnyeongyeongyeongji was a mushroom that Gi-chan was conscious of and ate, and the bathtub in the milk-colored liquid where Gi-chan was submerged was a thousand-year-old Seokjeong Pavilion, where the purification of public hearing oil, which only comes from the legend of Murim, was gathered.목포개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Finally, the jade sphere, which was made of gas that went into his nose and mouth, was an inner shell, although the type was unknown.
Kichan, who had lost consciousness without knowing how many days had passed, only woke up in three days.
Ki-chan’s figure was not at the age of 83. He had turned into a boy with clean skin and clear features. Perhaps if Ki-chan had been able to see himself, he would have thought he had died and gone into someone else’s body.
I could feel vitality all over my body, but the sound of waves and buzzing sounds seemed to resonate from my head without boiling, as if I had a loud radio volume with no frequency in my head.무안개인회생 개인회생신청방법
And as the noise slowly picked up, this time, just as Ki-chan’s brain began to connect to a remote support facility on a computer, it began to recall the days of Ki-chan’s life, at first, but at an increasingly rapid pace. It was happening with nothing to do with Ki-chan’s will.
When Gi-chan opened his eyes, it was dark everywhere, as if it were at night, but his eyes were brightened and there was no problem looking inside the cave. But he couldn’t move his body against his will.
His brain now seemed to scan and search for things from birth to the present.광양개인회생 개인회생신청방법
From the scene where he was born and learned to speak, to every life he had lived, to almost every scene he remembered, like in a movie, or even the memories of his childhood that he had forgotten himself, every grain was waking up. Even the names of children who studied in the same class during the elementary school days, which was so old that they forgot their names, were so vivid. Even the phone number he had inadvertently heard – which he had not remembered three days later – was running through his mind as if he had just heard it so vividly.
It seemed that now it was not Ki-chan’s will to revive his memory, but another creature in Ki-chan’s body that was scraping his memory.해남개인회생 개인회생신청방법
As all Ki-chan’s inefficiently scattered memories began to clean up the disk, the parts stored here and there were deleted and arranged for all the memory conveniences to be used, like indexing, it felt like all his memories were being scraped.
When Gi-chan tried to resist those forces, his eyelids became heavy and fell into a deep sleep.
Gi-chan’s brain was copying, editing and storing to the point where steam was rising from his head, whether he was continuing the complicated operation even after he fell asleep.부산개인회생전문 개인회생신청방법
When the brain’s computation was all done, hands and feet were being checked one by one, just as this time looking at the connected parts. They tried moving their fingers and toes, moving their heads from side to side, turning them around, and so on, as if they were neck exercises. When all the limbs were checked, they were being tested to see if Ki-chan’s genitals were checked, whether the blood was full and swollen, or nodding in pain.
When his brain was finally cleared up and all the tests on his whole body were finished, this time really Ki-chan fell asleep.
Ki-chan woke up. Ki Chan didn’t want to get up from the warm-hearted thousand-year-old stone tablet. I just lay still, soaking myself. The liquid, which used to appear murky with milky light, had turned into a clean, clear light, as if it had ever been so. Just as dozens of people who had not bathed in a year or so, covering all the surface of the water, were bathing, the impurities that had escaped through Ki-chan’s skin were floating as they did. Somehow Ki-chan couldn’t feel any hunger at all.
As Ki-chan remained still when he woke up, a few strands of energy rose from inside Ki-chan’s body this time and began to gallop inside Ki-chan’s body.김해개인회생 개인회생신청방법
As he felt the inner energy galloping and tried to resist it, again, Gi-chan was overcome by drowsiness. Even in such a situation, the water around Ki-chan was swirling around, as the water in the washing machine moved as Ki-chan’s inner energy moved into a turbulent flow.
From Ki-chan’s body, a scent that would never have existed in the human world flowed out and filled the cave.
Ki-chan began to wake up from his dream again. As if he had been waiting for him when he woke up, the energy that was moving in his body lumped together into two and began to circulate the pterygoid vein all over his body.
Gi-chan was puzzled by the change in his body.
But without his astonishment or restraint, the formidable energy went up to Gi-chan’s head, and was driven to the living and death hall.양산개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Kichan could not have known, but the trenching of the Imdok Yangmaek, was as difficult as picking the stars in the sky.
However, once the Imdok Yangmaek is connected, it will not only raise the spirit, but also rise to the status of the “originization” and “climbing” of the Korean Peninsula.
In addition, any internal injury can be treated unless the heart is ruptured.
Also, they do not get old easily, and they can enjoy a longevity of more than three generations.
For many of these reasons, the death-and-death situation had to be a constant desire of all the foresters. But now, Ki-chan’s body was experiencing a stroke of the Imdok Yangmaek.
Ki-chan was unaware that such a tremendous quirk was happening in his body now.
I was just thinking that the two energies that were whirling all over were hitting me in my head.
The two energies began to collide in their heads.진주개인회생 개인회생신청방법
When there was the first crash, Ki-chan screamed with a head-blowing shock and sharp pain.
But the crash did not stop once. Twice, three times, four times, five times, every time, Ki-chan had to scream as loud as he could.
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”사천개인회생 개인회생신청방법
At last the seventh crash was in his head, and the two energies were merging in search of a passage through his head that led to one.
When all the pain all over his body was over, he sank into a deep dream with a languid feeling.
When he awoke from his dream again, he felt as if someone had called him.
But he could find no one but himself in the cave. But it was clearly a voice that called for him. Again, Gi-chan looked around and thought he was still naked in a thousand years’ time, so he heard him call him back when he tried to get up quickly and get dressed. It was a clear human voice.
“Kichan!”사천개인회생 개인회생신청방법
But no matter how much I looked around, there was no sign of man.
“Kichan! Close your eyes, and you’ll see me.”
Kichan sat on the stone bed, dressed, and closed his eyes.
Then, in Ki-chan’s eyes, it seemed as if he could see a boy in an ancient Chinese costume.
“Kichan! Can you see me now?”
Ki-chan shouted back.
“I am an 80-year-old old man, but a little boy like you called my name, are you a concubine without an Abby Emmy?”
Then the boy smiled and said,거창개인회생 개인회생신청방법
“Haha! Do I look like a little boy in your eyes?”
Ki Chan said as if he couldn’t lose.

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