kind of temper."

“Yes. You little boy!”
“Okay, ah…ju. Very good, you should have that kind of temper.”
“By the way, Kichan, do you belong to the Farm or the Top?”
“What are you talking about?””
“I’m asking because I think I did farming or doing business.”
“I have no affiliation.”
“You don’t belong?”문경개인회생 개인회생신청방법
“You mean you can farm or do business without being a member of the farm or the top?”
“Of course.”
“Who are you, by the way?”
“I’m the only man.”
“Oh, my! Ilnam is our son and I need to patent his name.”
“That’s because the stupid writer has a lot of naming skills. And your son who was born later stole my name. How can I steal my first name?”춘천개인회생 개인회생신청방법
“I’m sorry for many things, anyway. Please listen to my story for now.”
“Okay, by the way, get me out of here. Huh?”
“That depends on what you do. If you listen to me well, there will be a way out of here, and if you don’t listen to me, you’ll never get out of here.”
“By the way, what is it that you feel sorry for me?”
“Uh, well, actually, I scanned your head a little bit…”
“Scan? What’s that?”
“Oh, I can’t believe that stone head rolled in. I hate the sky.”
“Don’t say that, but explain it in detail!”
“You and I have a time difference of at least a thousand years, and I was born in Jungwon, and you were born tens of thousands of miles from there, so how can we communicate?”
“Oh, that’s weird, but how does that make sense?”
“Ha ha! It’s my outstanding ability.”원주개인회생 개인회생신청방법
“I’m talking to you using your vocabulary by scribbling you. So what I’m saying is that you can’t get out of the range of language skills you can use.”
“Moya, that means you’re in me. You moved out without anyone’s permission?”
“So you said you were sorry, you fool, Gomting!”
“What do you mean stupid Gomting? How can I still use the nickname that Gaksooni gave me when I was in elementary school?”
“So you’re a fool and Gomting, you said I’ve skined everything about you. So now I’m the one who knows you better than you.”
“Ajuguri, you’re in a situation where you’ve moved in without permission, can I say that?”
“Then shall I be saved?”
At that moment, Kichan remembered that if this kid disappeared, he would have to die in this cave.
“No, of course not, just let me know how to get out of here before you live. Huh?”
“If you listen to my story and work hard, you’ll probably be out of here in seven days.”
“How long do you have to live with me?”강릉개인회생 개인회생신청방법
At that moment a sad feeling came over the boy’s face.
“No. I can’t stay more than seven days in your body anyway, and over time my innermost thoughts will all be yours with your vigorous absorption, and then I will perish.”
“What do you mean inner? Why inner?”
“While you were asleep, my innermost thoughts were absorbed by you, and all my memories and all my inner workings became yours….”
“What is inner workings, inner workings?”
“I don’t have time to argue. I’m dying anyway. No, maybe it’s already gone. Anyway, you won’t be able to get out of here anyways if you don’t take over everything I have. I mean, we don’t have time….”
“Let’s not ask questions from now on, but let’s listen to my story first and then ask questions.”
“So it’s probably a long time ago. In our country (China) the story begins……….”
The story of a boy from China who introduced himself as the only man was beginning.
Ki-chan’s expression was slipping into his story and the day was passing again, laughing, crying, and following his story.

속초개인회생 개인회생신청방법

Sect. 2. Kihwan Gate-1
It was frustrating to write the story of Yoo Il-nam in a dialogue, so the writer just edited it and uploaded it.
Long ago, when the sky first opened and humans began to live on the ground, humans had to live on hunting and the fruit of plants.
When almost all humans are living so lethargic, a group of people come to think that humans cannot live so lethargic.
Two first groups of mankind are formed around humans with such ideas: the gate and the gate.동해개인회생 개인회생신청방법
The gate was a gatekeeper who had the idea that man could carve out man’s destiny by man’s will, and the gate was the difference between the two that defined man as being saved by someone. The gate thus developed in the direction of offering sacrifices to heaven and accepting fate, and the gate, in order to overcome human destiny, is to study all that man can do.
Perhaps from today’s human point of view, let’s just make it easy to think that the study of the Gijum corresponds to science (social science, natural science), and that the study of the Gomun Gate is something like theology or philosophy.
Humans, who were mainly hunting forage, started farming not only by eating the produce of the land under the influence of the gate, but by letting the land produce what we eat.삼척개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Naturally, the writing of the gate had a lot of influence on the farmers.
But the humans who started farming were divided into two. One group was just farming in the fields and mountains where they lived, and the other group went out to the plains to farm. Groups that lived in fields and mountains, farming and hunting, followed the gate, while those who went down to the plains where the river was flowing, followed the gate.
However, as time passed, people who went out to the plains grew by getting a lot of crops, while people who lived in the mountains suffered a lot of starvation due to the decrease in agricultural products.
What bothered those who went out to the plains was that the river sometimes flooded, and that too often fights for agricultural produce occurred. The people of the gate are to develop repair facilities, make survey techniques to resolve post-flood land disputes, and make numbers to calculate the amount of grain harvested. As a result, Gijung developed his learning and learned his cause as an important virtue.
While the gate is developing like this, the gate is also developed to study martial arts as a way to upgrade oneself to the next level, and to develop a truth that can be used in fighting or fighting with animals.철원개인회생 개인회생신청방법
Farming in the plains, they form alliances for each other by asking Hwanmun, a group capable of waging war on martial arts, from an article that was plagued by external aggression.
In other words, the gate provides the grain for the gate to live on, and the gate provides the gate with a contract to send a warrior to provide the gate and the food they produce from the plunder of other people and animals.
This is how many people live in the Yellow River basin in China.
When humans finally get together to some extent, they create a nation. The era of the Five Emperors of the Third Emperor was opened.원주개인파산 개인회생신청방법
The era of the Third Emperor, called Bokhui, Yehuwa, and Sinnong, was a time of cooperation between the gate and the gate.
Bok-hee, who created the station, was a disciple of the gate, and the fact that he gave birth to mankind taught mankind how to live like a human being and taught them to do what they had to do, which was the gatekeeper.
Sinnong was supposed to have taught the people how to farm, which was a gibberish. They, which flourished in the cooperation of the gate and gate, have gradually deteriorated over time and now appear to monopolize the state, and China’s land masses share it with new groups that have just begun to emerge, in addition to the gates and gates.
Around this time, a new group of scholars who claim pure learning emerged, a farm screen appeared as a group of farmers, and a group of merchants, including Sangsang, opened the Spring and Autumn Period in China. In fact, they were all subclasses of gates and gates. Therefore, they did not use the name “mun” but instead used the names “rim,” “mak,” “dan,” and “un.”
The Spring and Autumn Period led many young people to war and killed them, creating many orphans and widows, who later created Chunbang, a group of prostitutes, and a group of beggars. The girl room has been around for a long time, but later changed its name to “open” to maintain its reputation.춘천개인파산 개인회생신청방법
Finally, the Spring and Autumn Period ended, and the Qin Dynasty unified the whole country.
Shi Huangdi of the Unified Qin Dynasty was the son of Yeobuwi, a merchant, who unified the nation to the upper ranks, so his support base was actually very weak. Thus, the unprecedented policy of breaking down history called “Bunseo-gangyu” was implemented.
It was in fact due to the internal circumstances of the gate and the gate that disappeared from the front of history.
In the ruling classes of almost every ancient country, incest marriages were common.
This is because in order to concentrate on the family without sharing power, although it is a country, reducing the number of blood clans by incest marriage is the easiest way to maintain power.
As you well know, Cleopatra’s first husband, the queen of Egypt, was his brother.
In any case, the offspring of the gate and gate, whether it is the aftermath of incest or the curse 제주개인회생 개인회생신청방법 of heaven, were gradually decreasing, and they were often born with diseases such as hemophilia after receiving the death of their born children.
At last, the gatekeepers of the gate and gate agreed to break the tradition of domestic marriage and to marry each other, and to hand over all the gate and gate to the married children. The names of the consolidated and annular gates will be Gihwanmun.
Around the same time, Gimun gave birth to a daughter, Seol A-yeong, and Hwanmun gave birth to a son.
At that time, it was common to have a feast at a women’s house, so Seol A-yeong decided to hold an engagement ceremony for her two children on her first birthday.제주도개인회생 개인회생신청방법
But less than three months after the boy was born, the blood flowed from the mosquito bite and died of excessive bleeding.
It was probably hemophilia. -The writer’s lofty assumption–제주개인파산 개인회생신청방법
After careful examination of Seol A-yeong in the surprised article, the diagnosis was given as a syllogic vein.
In general martial arts, it is usually described as dying at the age of fifteen or something, but in fact, trinity is not a simple disease like dying at any age.

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