Inside the white silk lace bra covering the plump breasts, the breast looked like a pretty fruit, and the tip of the pincer was giving a subtle accent to the white flesh, with a light pink-pink-through through the lace cloth. The body of Jung So-hee, covered by two pieces of lace, was a strong and perfect temptation to think that she was now 23 years old.수원개인파산 개인회생신청절차
Whether she wasn’t confident of taking off the last remaining panties and bras on her body so that she wouldn’t wake up, Ki-chan cut them off slightly. Then she crept away at the work and removed the remaining pieces of cloth from her body. Jung So-hee’s perfect naked body began to show as if it were a piece of art. Having held a wedding ceremony in a tiring and tense atmosphere, she fell asleep without knowing her husband was stripping her clothes and was only breathing evenly. There was already considerable darkness and the room was overflowing with the light of the soft dawn. The skin was as light and transparent as the flesh of a fish, with drops of sweat. In the middle of the plump breast, there was a pink tangle spread over the center, and in the middle was a red bean egg-sized top like a red bean egg. A half-baked green apple-like breast. From tiptoe to calves to thighs, the flesh was not too thick or too thin. At the point where the thighs meet, the fresh black spring grass grew to cover the door of the secret, and merged with the taut hips to form a hill. Not a single piece of flesh could be found on the hill. She was also very beautiful when she was wearing a colorful wedding dress during the day, but her naked body was strangely fantastic. When Jung So-hee’s naked body was all visible, Ki-chan whispered…I took a breath in that… Then he crawled up to the bed, grabbed her legs and crept open.
“Uh……Uh…” 용인개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Jung So-hee, who was wandering around the ecstatic world in her dream and slept with a smile, instinctively curled up when the crotch opened, and struggled to feel that her legs were not gathered at her will, and finally woke up.
When she woke up, she saw a painting of silk wallpaper on the ceiling and could only remember that she was lying in a hotel room and that she was Ki-chan’s wife.
“It’s me, Kichan….”
It was not until she heard this sound of Gi-chan, who smelled of strong liquor, that calmed her down somewhat. The mother had told Jung So-hee, who is going to the wedding ceremony, that her husband should endure whatever he does. I tried to bear it with my eyes closed, as if I hadn’t woken up, until I was naked and open my crotch. But I couldn’t stand shaking. She was holding back with her eyes closed, even as she trembled lightly closed.
When her husband finally fiddled with her, she had to struggle even though she knew she shouldn’t. Gi-chan caressed her body and tried to let her know she had come.성남개인회생 개인회생신청절차
“It’s me, it’s me.”
There was an irresistible weight in the husband’s voice.
“Because it’s me.”
She was shivering, unable to answer. It looked so cute.
She remembered that her husband, Gi-chan, was older than her father and trembled at the thought of grossness.
“Very good.”
“………” 안산개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Gichan, who was embarrassed for no reason, was stirring her up by petting her little by little as she spoke.
This time Gi-chan’s hand came down to her breasts and stroked the uplift. “I felt a little embarrassed at the thought of having a daughter like a bride and having a vigil, as if I were already touching her breast and talking to myself,
“Where shall I touch your chest?”
The age gap was big, but she had nothing to say because she was her husband. He had no choice but to put up with his husband’s hand touching his body with trembling.
“So-hee doesn’t seem to know because she’s never been in love before, but love is like this, with her whole body….”
She, who had already been almost resigned to the fact that the man who was groping her was her husband, was under a slight hypnosis at the word “love” again, taking the man’s touch without saying a word, even though she was somewhat left to her body and groping her breast. Her breasts were exceptionally plump and well developed. But the tip was small and the clinging was as hard as an unripe cherry egg. When Gi-chan grabbed the breast with her palm and held it between her fingers, she trembled as if she had convulsed her whole body.
“Oh, my… oh, my…….”
Despite the itching sensation, she was creepy as if a creepy bug crawled all over her body, but strangely, she curled her neck slightly and closed her eyes as if it wasn’t just hateful. He pulled his hips with one hand, while he squeezed his breast with the other, then covered his lips. First, she kissed one cheek and moved her lips to the white ear that slightly showed under her hair, biting a soft earlobe with her lips and gently biting it with her front teeth. To her, the strong stench of her husband’s breath was fading. She opened her closed eyes,안양개인회생 개인회생신청절차
“Ah… why is this? It’s weird. Stop… Stop it…. Ah… ah…….”
He began to gasp as he did. Jung So-hee seemed to be feeling strangely excited, and anyways, she felt afraid. At the same time, he was screaming and shaking his head as if he couldn’t stand it. She felt strangely hot while stealing because she didn’t know the man. Ki-chan liked her reaction so much that he raised his hips and wrapped them around her back.
“Oh my…”
“Stay still. I told you this is what love does….”
She, rather modestly taking the man’s touch, gently embraced her and covered her lips with her lips to wash.
Jung So-hee, with a strange nasal tone, gently closed her eyes and left her body to stand still. But after a while she’s gone,
“Uh…oh my.”
He took off his lips and turned his head in bewilderment. It was because her husband’s hand, touching her breast, went down gently and dug between her chubby thighs as if it were seeping and began to rub.
When her husband’s hand came in through the crotch and began to wring the ashamed lower part of her, she suddenly raised herself with a sudden fear and a shriek. As the hugging and caressing bride rose and sat down, Gi-chan hurriedly followed her and hugged her again as if he were not willing to miss the food, putting his lips close to her ear and whispering.
“You fool, man and woman don’t know how to love, do you?”
“Stay still as I do.”
“Whoo hoo…”
“………” 오산개인회생 개인회생신청절차
As he darted his overly sensitive wife, Gi-chan strode her hand to her wet, shameful spot and caress the Venus Hill.
As Ki-chan’s fingers wriggled wildly between the crotch and pressed gently on the soft petals, she let out a sound and shook her head and shook herself unknowingly. At the same time, she was lying straight and accepting her husband’s touch.
The man’s middle finger sank into something. The other finger was fiddling with the soft flesh of the and the palm of her hand was pressing her bulduce. 평택개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Jeong So-hee was gently moving her small, moist fingers, even though she struggled with her legs and gathered her crotch together. Her body was convulsing as the man’s fingers moved. When she finally shook her finger gently, Jung So-hee, who was clenching her teeth and holding it in, gave strength to her white thighs, making it hard for her husband’s hand to move, even between the crotch. Gi-chan was pleasantly savoring the still pounding thighs tightening his wrists. Her lower arm, which had been tightened for some time, was drained. Then the fingers began to move again as if they had been waiting. Jung So-hee grabbed her husband’s wrist with her hands. Screaming as if begging and shaking to the body. The woman’s voice was small, but Rudge was over the hump. Before I knew it, Jung So-hee’s naked body was wide open by her husband’s hand. The darkness had already gone and bright sunlight was shining in the room. In that brightness, Gi-chan was lying and seducing, leaving his shameful place starkly open. A valley of fresh, deep-cut flesh, a pair of pink soft petals, caught in the wrinkled, tough man’s fingers, were twitching. At last, Gi-chan opened her mouth wide from side to side with his two fingers.수원개인회생전문변호사 개인회생신청절차
“Uh… Ugh… Ugh….”
Jung So-hee trembled as her legs stretched out and her face turned white. Then he pushed his husband’s hand away. But her husband’s hands were still moving from her, ignoring her weak hands. Kichan’s face, caressing her lower arm, was burning with strange excitement.
“Umnit.”수원개인회생 개인회생신청절차
At the moment, her eyes were white with a shriek of rumbling. It was because Ki-chan grabbed her ankle and opened her thigh wide, giving her pain as if her crotch was tearing. Then he shoved his face into her.
“Oh my…”
Jung So-hee trembled with surprise. It was ridiculous. This father-like man, however husband-like he is, puts his lips on ‘s lips, licks the flesh of a soft woman, and even sucks up the pungent pink crease.
“Oh, no…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
When Gi-chan opened her thighs wide from side to side and stimulated the shameful place with her lips, she had no choice but to struggle, flapping her limbs and screaming helplessly. Though he was struggling violently as he made a sound, Ki-chan calmly licked and caressed her flesh, holding the pink tender flesh around him with his lips. In addition, it was sucking the liquid flowing out of it.
It was already a tribute through the provincial government to the octogenesis.

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