her hair.

SoSo held her hand and told her they were awake.
The three exchanged situations with electric sounds and shared stories that had been delayed for more than 2,000 years.
I thought it was just over with one woman, so I was pretending to wake up, but I had to pretend to be sleeping again because another woman tried to challenge my grandpa after eating her hair.
There was a deep flush on the faces of the three girls.원주개인파산 개인회생신청절차
Now that you’re young (right, over 2,000 years old), and you’ve been listening to the reality of eating two women at once with the body of a man who doesn’t know the man, how could your face not be heated?
No one noticed that the three whole bodies were burning and turning red.
So when they saw two men and three men getting dressed and preparing for a meal, they stretched out as if they were now waking up.
Their bodies had no strength at all. Well, it would be strange if 2,000 years of hunger and strength remain.
When they woke up, Yoo Il-nam sang Ki-chan in a feeble voice.
“Kichan! Now that the inner end is almost gone, we have no time, let’s borrow some of your body, since we want to talk to Ahyoung for the last time.”춘천개인파산 개인회생신청절차
“Yes, do it.”
Yoo Il-nam said as he headed toward Seol A-yeong.

I’ll have to translate it again.
“Ayoung, Bichu, SoSo. Long time no see.”
“Who are you?”춘천개인회생 개인회생신청절차
“I’m the only one.”
“Oh, Confucius, what happened?”
“That’s what it’s like. This is your new owner.”
“That’s what happened.”
The three people were disappointed to learn that Yoo Il-nam had changed into a grandfather’s body.
“You three listen to me. Now it’s time for me to disappear. Now listen to Lee Gi-chan and I am sorry for So-So and Bichu, but please protect Ah-young.…….”
In an instant, the inside of the annex became a sea of tears.
“And the two women over there are his wives, so take good care of them and live happily ever after……….”
Parting is always sad. Let’s reduce the number of scenes of their breakup, lamenting the writer’s low handwriting, as it is a self-evident fact that he can’t finish writing the entire story.
The food was almost ready.원주개인회생 개인회생신청절차
A large abalone caught the day when Kichan arrived on Jeju Island the next day was missing and was only in the refrigerator’s freezer and was finally turned into abalone porridge, and side dishes from the market were also prepared.
As I was preparing the table like that, I was bursting with tears.
It was a powerless cry.
While crying and transmitting Yoo Il-nam, Yoo Il-nam’s last inner end was melting away.
“Then, hello, my love, Ayoung…!”
Ayeong, SoSo, and Bichu took place and bowed deeply in ancient Chinese style.
It was a ritual.강릉개인회생 개인회생신청절차
The interior of the Tamra Byeolbu has been static for some time.
Only the boiling sound of abalone porridge was being heard in the portable gas stove.
After a long time, Seol Ah-young, So So-so and Bichu got up again and bowed to Lee Ki-chan three times.
Maybe you mean take good care of me. I should just translate with the author’s keen insight.
At the end of the three temples, Seol A-young said on behalf of them.
“I dedicate Seol A-yeong, So So-So and Beetch to the successor of the new gate.”
They were still not dressed.속초개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Then they bowed to the Meelyeong twice again.
Perhaps that’s how they bow to the headquarter in ancient China. He also bowed once to the Haeryeong.
Still, their inner workings were almost in Ki-chan’s body.
Now, in the second stage of rehabilitation, they will be able to live a normal life by taking time to put their body’s energy into the second stage of interrogation and blood, and then taking time to see the body through food, and then exchanging food and drinking within 15 days after the last stage of the moon.
We decided to eat first.철원개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Although they could not understand each other, they were less uncomfortable because when Ki-chan held the hands of Seol Ah-young, So So-so and Bichu, he could read their thoughts and deliver them through his hands.
So they sat around the table and ate.
Although the spirits and sea lions were not suitable, Gi-chan sat next to Seol A-yeong and ate with her shoulders. Of course, it was to have a conversation.
When the meal was over, they decided to stay there for another day and go home.
From Seol A-yeong, the interrogation and blood pressure began. Seeing Seol A-yeong’s whole body felt as if she were wearing a massage and acupressure after making her completely naked, the spirit was burning with jealousy, but there was nothing I could do anything about it.
After finishing Ahyeong and interrogating both SoSo and Bichu, Gi-chan lay between the Mysterious and the Haeryeong and slept.
Did he just sleep (?)원주개인파산 개인회생신청절차
Of course not.
The Spirit reached out and caught him, so he scratched her itchy spot with a bladder, and when she fell asleep in a satiety, again showed the Haeryeong the taste of men.
Careful not to tear the membrane, he made a ping-pong ball in the vagina and shared the affair with her.
Miryeong-do knew that Hae-ryeong was in Ki-chan’s arms with a sweet voice, but she fell asleep hugging Ki-chan’s back connected to Hae-ryeong when she realized that she had already become a monster she could not handle alone.

Part 3

the important characters in Part III춘천개인파산 개인회생신청절차

Lee Ki-chan (83 years old): A rich, unworked old man who served as a city council member in the past, got five daughters from his wife for the first time and a son from a Jeju native. Now the legal husband of his second wife, Jung So-hee. He meets Giyeon and becomes the foreman of the ancient Chinese Gihwanmun. the main character in a word.

Jeong So-hee (35 years old): Lee Ki-chan’s wife, Lee Ki-chan’s wife, who is from a local beauty contest, became a wife of Lee Ki-chan, who became an old woman expecting to meet a rich and short man, but the old man never thought of dying and bothered her every day to absorb the energy of a young woman, so she always cheated in a state of emptiness. After Lee Ki-chan becomes Ki Hwan-moon’s former wife, he becomes a quiet wife.

​이천개인회생 개인회생신청절차

Ko Mi-ryeong (37 years old): After graduating from high school in Jeju, she came to Seoul to earn money, worked at Lee Ki-chan’s Future Sports Center, became Lee Ki-chan’s flower girl, dedicated her son (Lee Il-nam…)She gave birth to 15 years old. After receiving a large amount of alimony, his son was taken away by Lee Ki-chan’s ex-wife and even married by a stalker. Ko Mi-ryeong becomes richer because the stalker is in a car accident. While working as a haenyeo in his hometown of Jeju, Ki-chan returns to Seoul after earning a chance.

Ko Hae-ryeong (21) graduated from a girls’ high school as Ko Mi-ryeong’s cousin, and becomes a woman who loves Ki-chan under the influence of Ko Mi-ryeong. I used to live in Jeju with a spirit and then follow it up to Seoul.

Lee Il-nam (15 years old): The son of Chairman Lee Ki-chan, the son of Ko Mi-ryeong as a middle school senior.

Part of the car (24 years old): Chairman Lee Ki-chan’s private car driver, recommended to Chairman Lee Hoi-chan for his experience in driving the first regiment car in the military, and now he is a driver in the house.여주개인회생 개인회생신청절차

Kim Mi-ae (20 years old): Cha Il-bu’s cohabitation girl, Cha Il-bu, seduced her who lived in a village close to the army and made her a lover. He followed Cha Il-bu to Seoul and now lived with Cha Il-bu at the detached house of Chairman Lee Ki-chan, but fell in love with Lee Ki-chan and became his maid.

Jung Min-tae (39 years old): General Affairs Manager of Future Sports, claims to be Jung So-hee’s cousin brother, but without foundation. It was one of Chung So-hee’s governments, but later on a long business trip to the provinces by Lee Ki-chan.

Yoo Il-nam: He was suffering from chronic disease as a reader of ci-transcendentalism during the reign of Emperor Shi Huang. To cure the chronic disease, he was selected as the Dongnam Dongnyeo dispatched by the emperor and came to Jeju Island with his fiancee, who is also suffering from the chronic disease, and died without being able to cure the disease. Leave all the exploits and fiancés of Ki Hwan-moon to Lee Ki-chan.안성개인회생 개인회생신청절차

Seol A-young (age 12 when she fell asleep due to the law of eternal marriage): She was sleeping under the law of the late marriage of the only man, her fiancee, and was awakened by Lee Ki-chan. He is a master of the ancient Chinese martial arts, and he has been sleeping for 2,000 years.

Soso and Bichu (both 15 years old when they fell asleep due to the law of eternal marriage): They are women-in-law of Seol A-yeong, who are sleeping with A-yeong, woke up by Lee Ki-chan, and joined Lee Ki-chan’s women.

Kim Mal-nyeo (35): Lee Ki-chan’s wife and private secretary to Chung, who is married but has not had a child, was beaten with a simple heart, her name is rustic, but she is in good shape at the gym and swimming pool. The face contour is so clear that makeup is as beautiful as a foreign movie star, but it has a lot of freckle blemishes on its skin due to its hard work. A lifetime wish is to peel off once with birch. I know the joy of a woman by Cha Il-bu, but later join Lee Ki-chan’s woman.평택개인회생 개인회생신청절차

Lee Hee-sook (61): Lee Ki-chan’s eldest daughter and her husband, who was a doctor, dies and lives alone.
Lee Mi-sook (58 years old): Lee Ki-chan’s second daughter, and her husband is a lawyer.
Lee Ki-sook (55 years old): Lee Ki-chan’s three daughters, and her husband is a professor.
Lee Hye-sook (52) : Lee Ki-chan’s four daughters, and her husband is a doctor.
Lee Ji-sook (49 years old): Lee Ki-chan’s youngest, Lee Ki-chan’s wife, Jin Tae-rang, president of the sports center.

Park Chan-ho (28 years old): Night club waiter, sense of justice, Lee Hoi-chang was scouted by Lee Ki-chan and later selected as general manager of a large nightclub created by Lee Ki-chan by covering the position of Chairman Lee Ki-chan at the scene of a car accident.오산개인회생 개인회생신청절차

Band-Aid (58 years old): He pretends to be a businessman on the surface, but as the head of a nightclub as a top-notch leader.
Small (52): The brother of the band, the leader of the band, and the manager of the nightclub.
Other members of the Jijon faction: double knives, axes, sashimi, etc.

Mormoto (52): The godfather of Yakuza, Dong-young (Japan), is coming in to enter Korea.

Wisdom, Jisun, Hyesun, and so on.…

the people of Kihuan Gate
Part III Gangho Outdo
Chapter 1 Gahwa Mansa Castle
In the morning, Gi-chan woke up, and Hae-ryeong was sleeping naked in her arms, and behind her back, a mysterious man hugged her tightly and slept quietly.
Gi-chan slipped out of his seat.​이천개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Seol and her party were washing themselves and trimming their hair when they woke up.
SoSo and Bichu were playing Seol A-young’s head as a palace.

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