jade tablet.

When the work was over, SoSo and Bichu prepared the food, and Seol A-yeong found something in the stone chamber of the Korean traditional house where they slept and was wiping it clean.
It was a sword and a jade tablet.강남구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
A sword, but a very small one, was close to a degree. It was about the size of a sword used in the army, and its face was quite large, resembling the leaves of a bifar tree. The handle was made of ivory, and the sword house seemed made of jade.
After polishing the sword with care, he came to Ki-chan, knelt down and offered it politely.
I said something, but I couldn’t understand it, so Ki-chan only knew the meaning by touching her body.
“Now return the Bipagum of the Phantom to its owner.”강남구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
It was Bipagum coming down from the hallucination. Kichan said, “The Bipa sword method used by Kichan is to show its true nature when it as a Bipa sword.”
When I pulled out the sword from the house of the sword, it looked like a bronze sword with a slight red and yellow color, but the blade was so sharp that nothing was missing.
When I slightly drew a corner of the table with a nasal swagger, it seemed that it was not an ordinary sword to be cut off at once. It was a robbery that could not be imitated with bronze swords.서초구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Seol A-young smiled and held Ki-chan’s hand and told him a secret story about Bipagum.
Once upon a time, when Bok-hee offered sacrifices to heaven in the Yellow Sea and came up to the earth, she received a piece of metal from a heavenly man who had come down from heaven, and ordered his craftsman to grind and grind it on a whetstone and make a separate sword, which was called the Bipagum.
It was a mystery.
Perhaps the word heavenly man told it was false, and it was made of metal from meteorites.
It was strange that it hadn’t rusted for thousands of years, but it seemed to be a great sword anyway.
Kichan practiced it with something like a stone while polishing the nasal septum, but he couldn’t drive the sword. It was because when the black and white steel was loaded, it broke into powder.
So, without a sword, he used his hand like a sword, and now he has a sword to defeat the sword.
When Gi-chan held the Bipagum in his hand and cried the Geomgang, a bluish light came from the sword, stretching out about seven meters.송파구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
And the sword was deeply engraved on the stone wall of the cave that reached the Geomgang River.
The Mysterious and Haeryeong sisters also woke up.
The sea lion, who rose from his sleep, burrowed into the arms of the spirit and spoke in a low voice so that no one could hear him.
“Sister, I want to be your girl now.”
Without saying a word, the spirit swept his back with such a sea lion.
Did you think you heard a silent response from her?
Sister, I will do very well….”
whispered,도봉구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
At last, everyone got up from sleep.
Hae-ryeong, who woke up from her sleep, taught Seol A-yeong and her party how to dress and dressed them in the clothes she had brought, as if she was not satisfied with the three girls still naked.
The breakfast food prepared by SoSo and Bichu tasted a little greasy, but it was still edible.
When breakfast was over, they left the Tamna Annex.은평구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
When she left the place, Seol A-young and her party looked disappointed.
He naturally covered the outside again so that no one else could break into the place and walked home.
When they came on the road, Seol A-young and her group, who first saw the car, had to struggle to adjust to the strange world. They seemed completely insane.
They returned to the place where the car of the spirit was.
Miryeong took the steering wheel, and Gi-chan sat in the passenger seat, and four women came home in the back. All the way home, Seol A-young’s party was as noisy as if they had seen something amazing.
Seoul had yet to announce Ki-chan’s return.
Kichan told me not to call Seoul.노원구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
I will go to Seoul soon…It was because of the idea that. There were parts that I hadn’t organized my thoughts yet….
Upon returning home, Ki-chan had been lost in thought for a while, and finally said he would go to Seoul.
At first, Kichan planned to go alone, invite the Miryeong sisters and Seol A-yeong’s group as soon as they went to Seoul to find a place to live, but they all decided to move there because the Seoul building of the Miryeong was empty.
Since I couldn’t get a flight ticket to Seoul, I decided to go to Seoul the next day after I could get a flight ticket.

Kichan, who entered the main room while Haeryeong was there to prepare a bed for Seol A-yeong after dinner that night, told the spirits that he would open the Haeryeong’s tonight.강서구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
When the spirit heard what Ki-chan was saying, he asked back, “Then haven’t you done it so far?” So I showed him the shape of a ping pong ball and told him the truth.
The spirit wanted to stop her if she could, but since neither Hae-ryeong nor Gi-chan seemed likely to listen to her, she decided to rather get points.
The sea lion made a dragonfly and the sea lion came over to the main room. There was a simple drinking table in the master bedroom.
“Sister? What is this?”
“Haeryeong, I’d like to stop you if I could stop you, but I don’t think I can make you my own man now, so I decided to give you to him.”
“Sister! Thank you. I won’t forget your kindness.”
Hae-ryeong thanked the mysterious as if she had waited.
“Daddy, tear ’em up today. What?”
“…….”양천구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Ki-chan had intended to, but he was not able to find a suitable answer.
The three drank a drink. The spirit went into bed first.
After Gi-chan took off his clothes, he took off all his clothes from the body of the Haeryeong and went into bed together.
The sea lion hugged Gi-chan’s body tightly. Hae-ryeong’s naked body clung to her side. Then Ki-chan seemed to be putting strength into his own.
Kichan is determined not to use the Chinese medicine to Hae-ryeong tonight. I just wanted to do it. He didn’t want to use a ruptured membrane to even use bladder surgery.강북구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Hae-ryeong cleared up the current situation. It seems that the spirit understood what she said and persuaded Ki-chan. Thank you, Miryeong and Gi-chan. I was so thankful for the two people who understood themselves without cursing themselves.
Hae-ryeong stroked Ki-chan’s chest and slowly lowered his hand to Ki-chan’s lower extremity, holding the swelling genitalia in his palm.
This is Ki Chan’s I wanted to touch. Ki Chan’s was really big. Every time she went into her body, the thickness was pencil-thin, so the Haeryeong first felt the actual size of the man’s. Gi-chan was like a bat. Hae-ryeong plucked up her quilt and sat up. Then he gently grasped Gi-chan’s with both hands. I could feel the warm warmth and pulsating movement.
Holding Ki-chan’s big hand, he seemed to have something flowing out of it as he was thrilled.
Hae-ryeong stroked the beads in the balls of fire with one hand, wrapped the roots with the other, and bowed his head and kissed the head. Then he stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of his head slightly. Then Gi-chan’s “Gi-chan” wriggled as if he were living creatures. The sea lion opened his mouth and swallowed his head. Then he mumbled for a while, sucking out the juice.
When Hae-ryeong held Ki-chan’s mouth, she felt as if she had found her lost body. So he spread his legs further and lay still, leaning his head against his thigh. I thought it was a little strange for me to be happy to bite a man, but I felt so ecstatic. So I closed my eyes and stayed like that for a long time.성북구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Gi-chan was still watching what the Haeryeong was doing. Then, it was absurd to feel that Hae-ryeong was cutting her thigh and sucking her head in, but the image of Hae-ryeong biting her was so cute and lovely. Kichan sat up carefully so that the sea lion would not be uncomfortable. Then he lowered his head and gently swept her hair, looking down at the sea urchin sucking.
The sea lion’s very comfortable expression was mumbling at her mouth. Every time the sea urchin mumbled, his mouth became bigger and bigger, his mouth opened.종로구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Gi-chan was delighted when the Haeryeong kept munching and sucking his own.
“Huh? Dad?”
Hae-ryeong still bit and looked at herself with half open eyes. Hae-ryeong didn’t take her lips off of her even though she was looking at her. When he looked for a long time, he slipped out a little shyly.
“Daddy! Can I suck some more?”
A sea lion sat up and reared Gi-chan’s.서대문개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Hae-ryeong was also cute when she sat down. Sitting with two thighs together and the calves out.
Kichan took a bite of his own and asked for permission from Haeryeong again, saying, “Is it okay?
“Yes! Have it your way.”
Hae-ryeong smiled softly at Gi-chan and swallowed his head slowly. Whether the warm touch of the head that was passed down in his mouth was so good, Hae-ryeong gently held the root in her hands and inserted it deep into her throat. And I bit my roots with this. As if he wanted to make a trace of swallowing up to here, he spit it out again and licked the liquid on the.
“Daddy! Feeling good?”
I asked alone and kept on trying to see if I was interested in Ki-chan’s answer.
Kichan lifted the Hae-ryeong’s face and kissed her.
Then Gi-chan looked at the upper body of the naked Hae-ryeong. Haeryeong’s chest was a little smaller than her breasts. The sea lion’s breast was small. But with a firm elasticity, he was sticking forward the size of a red bean egg. Hae-ryeong said shyly as Ki-chan looked at him and touched his chest.
“Dad…! I’m ashamed.”서대문구개인회생 개인회생신청절차
Hae-ryeong said she was ashamed, but she did not hide her chest. Gi-chan stretched out his hand and laid it flat on the blanket, touching the breast of the Haeryeong. Kichan put his tongue into her mouth as he kissed the sea lion with his upper body.
Hae-ryeong sucked her tongue vigorously as Ki-chan’s tongue entered her mouth. Gi-chan’s saliva came over his neck and swallowed it. Kichan’s tongue was warm and Kichan’s saliva was sweet. Hae-ryeong twisted Ki-chan’s neck around his arms and twisted his body wildly.
Gi-chan sucked the tongue of the Haeryeong and slowly went down. He sucked the head of Hae-ryeong, bit her chest with his mouth, and played with her tongue.
Kichan went further down and licked his belly button gently.

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