rejected it.

Miae flatly rejected him, saying she couldn’t do it because she was still there. Then, Cha Il-bu took out and showed her beauty and begged her to do it with her mouth. But Mi-ae rejected it.
Then Cha Il-bu hugged Mi-ae and wriggled her breasts with all his might. Miae crouched and resisted. Cha Il-bu, who could not do it because Mi-ae resisted so strongly, left the room.암보험비갱신형 보험비교사이트
After midnight, he went to the main building, but the main building was locked tightly. It was Jung So-hee’s instruction. When I went to the window of Kim’s room and knocked on the window, Kim opened the front door. The windows had security grille on them, so they could not enter Kim’s room directly. She pressed Kim vigorously and went to Jung So-hee’s room, but her visit was tightly locked, so she went back to Kim’s room and pressed her down once more.
The next day, only part of the car went to the sports center and there were only three people at home. In the afternoon, it was not until the car repair shop called that the car had been repaired that morning when Chairman Lee was gone that there was a contact accident.암보험비갱신 보험비교사이트
When I was asked to find out the whereabouts of the chairman through the company’s Jeong Min-tae, there was the address and phone number of Ko Mi-ryeong’s house in Jeju Island that was found on the chairman’s desk.
Only after I called Jeju Island did I know that Lee Ki-chan was missing.
It was tedious to report and wait.비갱신암보험 보험비교사이트
Jung So-hee consciously rejected Cha Il-bu as to whether she thought her affair had a fateful relationship with Lee’s disappearance, and Kim Mi-ae was also stubbornly defending some of the attacks in her loveliness, so a week has passed since Kim and Cha Il-bu did it every night in Kim’s room.
Finally, after a week, the police had only informed them of the results of their investigation that they were missing from the mountain in heavy rain.

비갱신형암보험 보험비교사이트

a person before the date of the examination
The youngest Jisook sisters, who were listening to the incident from her husband, Jin Tae-rang, the president of the sports center, called and the daughters of Lee Hoi-chang gathered at the youngest Jisook’s house.
It was a gathering of husbands.

메리츠내맘같은어린이보험 보험비교사이트
After marrying Jung So-hee, all the daughters who had been estranged from their father gathered to figure out how to eat up their property.
Since the husband of the second daughter, Lee Mi-sook, was a lawyer, the story was centered on her second son-in-law.
I thought I was already missing and I just had to clean up my fortune, but that wasn’t it.
The report said that the missing person should not be allowed to touch property for a year because a year has to elapse before they are classified as dead. Perhaps this year could be an opportunity for those who gathered here.
Another problem was that if there was a will about inheritance, property would be processed according to that will because it was a top priority.메리츠어린이보험 보험비교사이트
Even if there was no will, he had a wife, Jung So-hee, and her son Il-nam, so that Il-nam would take the lion’s share of the inheritance.
Obviously, the father, who received the consent form unconditionally, would have left a will somewhere, which would have made it clear that if he did so, he would donate all his property to the Children’s Heart Disease Foundation, or that he would go to his son Il-nam. So, how to deal with the will was the first problem to be solved first.
Therefore, opinions were being gathered around the second son-in-law that the will should be found first.
However, his eldest daughter Hee-sook opposed it.어린이보험다이렉트 보험비교사이트
Hee-sook attended last year with the help of her daughter, who married her younger siblings to the power of her siblings, who refused to come here because of her husband’s death and poor health.
It was her argument that it was right to take care of her father’s will, in other words, according to his will.
In addition, it was her claim that Ilnam and Jung So-hee should also attend the meeting.
last but one lastly
“I won’t be back in a position like this again. You guys should get together and listen carefully….”
left after
The third daughter, Hye-sook, said as if shooting at Hee-sook, who was leaving the room.
“Oh, well, you don’t care if all that wealth goes to you.”
“If that’s what he meant….”
When Hee-sook, her eldest daughter, went home without turning around, the remaining people were embarrassed and couldn’t say anything to each other for a while.
Third daughter Hye-sook broke the silence.다이렉트어린이보험 보험비교사이트
“Actually, my oldest sister can’t live long with cancer….”
“What is it?”
When the crowd seemed surprised, the third son-in-law, who was the head of the general hospital, said,
“It’s true. I couldn’t tell you because you told me not to.Ma’s uterine cancer is less than six months old.”
So their meeting proceeded in a flurry, when their cumbersome eldest daughter was missing.
Since his second son-in-law is a lawyer, he uses his personal connections to find a will. And after seeing the contents of the will, they agreed to get back together to deal with the matter, and once they found the will, they decided to leave it as it is without making provocative remarks or actions to provoke others.농협어린이보험 보험비교사이트
If the will they found did not suit them, they had an implicit agreement until it included forging the will.
They were concluding the disappearance of Chairman Lee Ki-chan to his death in a week.
After Lee Ki-chan’s disappearance, the company has become the venue for the real-time prosecution match between Jin Tae-rang and Chung Min-tae.
Even though he didn’t know, it was certain that Jung So-hee’s share would be larger than Jin Tae-rang’s if the will was made public, so Jung Min-tae secured Lee’s memo, notebook, etc. first to prepare for possible mishaps.
Jin Tae-rang, the youngest son-in-law who came to work the next day, could not find a memo in the chairman’s office. I could only find a cell phone in a drawer in the chairman’s office that had Ki-chan’s cell phone removed. Jin Tae-rang received a cell phone call statement, a phone call statement from the president’s office, a wireless communication company, and a telephone office, and checked them one by one, and soon found the outline of a lawyer who had a will the next afternoon.농협가성비굿플러스어린이보험 보험비교사이트
The will was made public to them through the hands of their second son-in-law. (There are these unconscionable lawyers, so be careful….)
They had their share of the will but could not be satisfied with it.
Finally they discarded the will and made a fake one and a recording tape.어린이보험순위 보험비교사이트
By the way, there was a problem. In other words, the documents included in the will they obtained were copies, not the original.
(※Unconditional agreement between daughters and sons-in-law: In a word, if a person with an unconditional consent form or this consent form erases all of Lee Ki-chan’s assets, he will never file a lawsuit, protest, or appeal. Chairman Lee Ki-chan had received it from them after finishing the first distribution of wealth. Of course, I wrote my name on the document, signed my own handwriting, stamped my seal, and even submitted my seal.)
It would be no problem if the real will did not appear by the end of the year, but they knew better than anyone that if the real will appeared in it and it was made public, the fake will would be useless. It was necessary to make their fabricated will public and make it a fait accompli before the original that might be anywhere.
Finally, they decided to release the fake will two days later at Lee Ki-chan’s mansion, where both Chung So-hee and Yoo Il-nam, and Lee Hoi-chang’s daughters and sons-in-law will attend.어린이보험가입순위 보험비교사이트

After Lee’s disappearance, Jung So-hee did not leave her room. It was not until Ki-chan disappeared that he realized the magnitude of his meaning. The feeling of sorry, the fear of what else his fate will be, the back, the back, the back,
Lee Il-nam remained unmoved by his father’s disappearance and did his job in a resolute manner.
He did not express it, but as a third-year middle school student, he could not be shaken by his innermost thoughts, but he did not seem to be.초고속인터넷 보험비교사이트
Even when he said he would release his will at home two days later, he didn’t seem very shaken.
Anyway, the date for the release of the will was coming.

The party of Gi-chan first unpacked his stool in the house of the Mee-ryeong, and Gi-chan took a taxi alone and went to his house.

After getting out of the hospital, Kim Mi-ae stubbornly rejected Cha Il-bu, who tried to climb her up every night, and Jung So-hee has also refused Ki Chan’s touch.
There is no reason to go to the sports center. Both Jin Tae-rang, the president, and Jeong Min-tae, the head of the general affairs department, have nothing to do but keep Lee Il-nam from home to school, so he was just washing his car and killing time.
Of course, it was his job to sneak into Kim’s room at night and press her down.
Kim Mi-ae was aware of Cha Il-bu’s visit to and from the main house every night, but she did not think the target would be Kim with freckles and even freckles.인터넷비교사이트 보험비교사이트
He was suspicious of her relationship with Jung So-hee, remembering that he once called her while spraying something in his body.
That may be why he rejected Cha Il-bu’s touch even more severely.메리츠실비보험 보험비교사이트
After getting out of the hospital, some of the cars didn’t want her very much, so there was such an uneasy peace going on.
As a result of the disclosure of the will, I had a feeling that there would be a major change in Lee’s family. Then it was clear that there would be a change in their lives as well.
Finally, the day has come when others gather to decide the fate of them (part Cha, maid Kim, and Kim Mi-ae).
When the maid Kim came down with a side dish around 3 p.m., Cha Il-bu hugged her.
Mi-ae was making a fuss, sucking her lips as if she were hugging her purple and caressing her breasts.
Kim almost rebelled and accepted Cha Il-bu’s caress with his nasal voice even though he looked at Mi-ae with a side glance as if he wanted to enjoy the thrilling taste.메리츠실손보험 보험비교사이트
Then, Cha Il-bu hugged Kim and started working in the main room, and finally, the sound of grumbling in the main room of the annex and Kim’s conscious doctrines came to the living room.
Kim Mi-ae had no intention of going back to her hometown. I just wanted to leave this house and that man (part of the car) now.

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