Ki-chan’s mansion.

By 7 p.m., people began to gather in the living room of Lee Ki-chan’s mansion.
Kim was serving them refreshments.
Almost all the people gathered before half an hour. Lastly, when Hee-sook, the eldest daughter of Lee Hoi-chang, came in with the help of her second daughter, the second son-in-law, who was waiting for the last person, introduced the man who came with her.
This is Kim Mara, a respected lawyer from the Seoul Bar Association whose father asked for his will. Now, let’s begin the unveiling of your father’s will.”
“Hum…hum…”상해실비보험 보험비교사이트
First, the meeting began with a small cough and lawyer Kim Mara hosting the event.
“First of all, it’s perfunctory. Ma will start with whether all the people who are supposed to be here are gathered. When I call your name, please raise your hand lightly as a sign that you’re here, and please check with others. And if the agent is present, there should be other people’s consent. Hm… is Mr. Lee Mi-sook here? Oh, yes, you’re here. I heard you were in bad health.Ma looks young in person. Lee Ki-sook? Oh, thank you. Mr. Lee Hye-sook? Oh, yes, ………”착한실손보험 보험비교사이트
Attorney Kim Mara gave a small cough and said hello to each and every one of them.
“And then Lee Il-nam? Yes, that’s great. You look a lot like your father. I’ve heard a lot from Mr. Lee. Mrs. Jung Sohee? Yes, Mr. Lee’s work is very unfortunate. I thought you’d live longer than me because you’re so chaste. Mrs. Go Mi-ryeong, are you here?”
The second son-in-law, who could not contact him because he was crazy, was embarrassed. But by being quick-witted,
“I can’t get in touch with Jeju, and there’s a son of Mrs. Ko Mi-ryeong here, so you can acknowledge him as your agent.”
“Do you want to do that?”
asked the attendees. All agreed.실손보험이란 보험비교사이트
“Experienced, perfunctual.Does Mr. Lee Il-nam agree?”
Ilnam wanted to finish this position quickly.
“Yes, that’s good.”
There was a sense of pride that did not appear to be a junior high school senior.
The older half sister Hee-sook brought Il-nam to her side with her as if she was proud. The daughter, who was helping, quickly got up from her seat and sat down with her husband.한화실손보험 보험비교사이트
When I saw that the position was a little noisy again and then going back to static, Kim said,
“Oh, last but not least, Mr. Kim Mal-rye, are you there? “
The execution of the will must be attended by all interested parties. Perhaps the chairman left something in his will for his friend’s daughter, Mal-rye. Jung So-hee called Kim and now everyone is gathered.
“Let’s listen to the tape first.”
Even before his voice came out, Kim, a housekeeper, began to sniffle and cry silently.
Others shed their eyes, saying they were “frustrated,” but Jung took a handkerchief out of her tears, patting Kim on the back and comforting her.유병력자실손보험 보험비교사이트
When I pressed the play button on the recorder, Lee’s voice began to be heard through the speaker.
“Oh, what should I say? Maybe I’ll be by your mother’s side when you hear this recording. After I died, I let Ilnam-i know about Kim Mara’s existence only because I thought the legacy issue would be a fratricidal conflict, so you understand that, and I share all of my things with you in the world I left behind through my voice recordings and documents he compiled. Never fight, never yield to each other, never yield to another and cause trouble………And my friend Young-chul, who went first, received a lot of help in my life, but he never paid back. I’ve always felt sorry that he passed away so quickly that I didn’t do anything for him, but I’m thinking of giving him a small restaurant, so you guys help him……. ……”
Mal-rye cried as if her father had died in the part of her story.
On the tape, there was nothing about property, just saying to help each other to live.
“Now let me present the documents.”유병자실비보험 보험비교사이트
Attorney Kim Mara announced that she would give the details of the property in writing and to whom.
The house was inherited mainly by the second premature husband, the sports center to the youngest daughter, the hospital to the third daughter, and the Dongsan, securities and cash to the third dorm.
The buildings scattered all over the place were almost their possession, with one small building for Jung So-hee, and only one small building for Ko Mi-ryeong, the birth mother of Ilnam and Ilnam. And Kim Mal-rye was assigned a small building for a restaurant.유병자실손보험 보험비교사이트
Finally, a building in Seocho-dong was assigned to a lawyer who carried out the legacy. Perhaps it was the price of a fabricated will.
All expenses related to inheritance were to be treated with the money saved during the lifetime of Lee Hoi-chang, and all buildings or real estate heirs were required to pay cash deposits for those who were leased to buildings separately.
When all was announced, there was silence indoors. No one was speaking.
As Lee Il-nam stood up,
“That’s not my father’s will.”
cried out in a neat manner. Hee-sook was holding her husband’s hand. She was shivering with rage, too, but couldn’t say a word.
“My father’s will is on me.”
Then I left the room and came back again.실손보험비교 보험비교사이트
When he left, people were buzzing.
Bringing a yellow briefcase and giving it to lawyer Kim,
“Here’s a copy of my father’s will. The original copy is kept in a place that only my father and I know. Attorney Kim, please carry out this will.”
said in very emphatic terms.
Two very different wills were made public.
This was so different, even though the content was different. The eldest daughter, Lee Hee-sook, helped Ilnam. And so should Jung So-hee.”우체국실비보험 보험비교사이트
Three people had agreed to a second will.
The four daughters expressed their support in their first will.
The second son-in-law firmly insisted on leaving the house by tomorrow and handing it over to him, while the youngest son-in-law declared that the income from the sports center would not come to the house from tomorrow.
The sons-in-law declared that, as their first will, they would get their share back.
The man’s little brother was shaking.
First of all, the teams were divided by four to three.메리츠실손보험 보험비교사이트
Mal-rye was just crying on one side because whatever will she did was unchanged.

Chairman Lee Ki-chan took Mi-ae to Ko Mi-ryeong’s house and returned home.
When Gi-chan came home, the gate was wide open, and private cars were parked in a row even in the yard and on the road.
At the detached house, drivers of their own cars were busy playing go-stop.
No one found him until he approached the living room.
People were gathering in the living room to talk. There were occasional loud voices.
As I was about to go in, I stood by the front door and listened to a little bit of what they were saying, and it was completely uncontrolled and there was no such manipulation.
The sound of the second son-in-law shouting as if he was driving a nail into the yard again was heard vividly.
“Empty this house completely tomorrow. Make sure the sand is plastered interior and moved next week.”
The second son-in-law felt like he was riding a single rope. He who knows the law knows the blind spots of the law better than ordinary people. In this case, he himself knows better that there is more to fall, even if he fails to make it a fait accompli later. He knew too well that it would be effective to start by mobilizing people.어린이실손보험 보험비교사이트
“Isn’t that a little too much?”
His eldest daughter Hee-sook, who couldn’t stand it, hugged her chest like a heartache.
“What am I doing too much? It’s all about keeping mine.”
I thought it was too much for the execution.
The second son-in-law, who turned his back on the front door without knowing that people were staring at the front door, drove in a nail, as if he were shouting with more energy and fullness.
“It’s due tomorrow.”
Then there was a quiet voice behind his back.
“Who wants to.”
“My house is my own way….”
The second son-in-law, who turned his head and looked behind him, was startled and turned pale.
“Father…”삼성화재실비보험 보험비교사이트
Il-nam, eldest daughter Hee-sook called her father, and Hee-sook’s second daughter Ji-hye said, “Grandpa…!” and Jung So-hee and Mal-rye said, “Mr. President…There was a choral sound hovering around the room.
The man jumped into his father’s arms. He patted his son down, and stood up and gave him a light hug. I felt very light.
Seeing his daughter whose face was badly damaged, Ki-chan held her still and swept her back, perhaps feeling sorry for her.
The son-in-law, daughters, and lawyer Kim Mara secretly tried to move to the front door with their belongings.
“Don’t move, everybody!”
All were caught up by the sound of the whistle.
People’s eardrums tingled like thunder.
Lee Hee-sook collapsed in her father’s arms.
Hee-sook’s second daughter, Ji-hye, came and helped her mother.
Ji-hye graduated from medical school and is now a physician in the hospital. Her husband was also a doctor, a couple doctor.
Lee Ki-chan’s real estate was also in the Gangbuk area.
When her eldest daughter Hee-sook married a doctor, she built a general hospital at Na Dae-ji in Gangbuk. However, his eldest son-in-law, who was a surgeon, had a big surgery a few years ago, had a drink, came home and suddenly had difficulty breathing while sleeping, so he rushed to the hospital, but died. Surgeons are relatively good at drinking. According to a friend who once heard directly from a surgeon, the smell of blood in surgery will not go away for a few days. But it is said that if you drink, you can’t smell it strangely.현대해상 실비보험 보험비교사이트
So surprisingly, there are many surgeons who are addicted to alcohol.
Take Lee Hee-sook to the main room. Kichan, once again.
“Don’t move, everyone. Wait, Kim, too.”
Then he moved Hee-sook to her bedroom with wisdom and laid her on her bed.
Ji-hye moved her mother, opened her bag, put an IV in her arms, and started injecting it into Hee-sook’s blood vessels, and came out into the living room.

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