“Take good care of your mother.”
“Yes, grandpa!”
When I came out to the living room, lawyer Kim Mara’s head was buried between her legs.
“Everyone sit down and listen to me clearly.”
“First of all, Attorney Kim. How could you do that?”
“Tomorrow, you’re dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, and what else? You’re going to be in violation of the Attorney-at-Law Act, anyway, the details of the law will be discussed with the lawyer tomorrow, and I’ll file a formal complaint tomorrow.”
“…but… my sons-in-law….”환급형암보험 보험비교사이트
OHORA, you are not the only one going in, but you are also falling for your sons-in-law.
“Yes, they’ve bought you? Then I’ll sweep it all in. You don’t have to worry about that.”
Everyone flinched at Lee Ki-chan’s determined voice.
“Next, second!”
When Lee Ki-chan’s eyes were second, he bowed his head.
“What else are you short of? Give it over to this house, madam. It’s so funny that it’s at your disposal, man. This house has 200 pyeong of fence. If you break it down, it’s over 2,500 pyeong. Do you know how much this is Sitta? This half-baked lawyer, Nauri(?), and after this time, get out of our real estate company, in short, you’re fired, and pack your bags in the Seocho-dong building.”
“…….”갱신형암보험 보험비교사이트
“And the fourth!”
Again, Lee Ki-chan’s eyes were on his fourth son-in-law, who was in charge of his hospital in the north of the river.
“Is that hospital yours? Since when? Heesook’s husband worked so hard that he was raised big! You know it well and try to swallow it. Bad guy, I haven’t been able to change my name because I didn’t have a chance, and now I’m using it as a momentum, you little man. Don’t go to work from tomorrow. In short, you’re fired. The hospital will hand over to Hee-sook’s second daughter from tomorrow morning. ‘Cause I was thinking of giving it to them one day(?)”
“…….”메리츠올바른암보험 보험비교사이트
“…Well, and the youngest, you were still the one I trusted the most, the bad guy, who was slapping his tail in front of me, and then doing such a bad thing in the back….”
“My son-in-law has handed over the post of president of the sports center to his birth mother, and now tomorrow morning.”
Everyone was lowering their heads in silence.
“Lastly, write a waiver to the center’s chairman’s office by eleven o’clock tomorrow morning. Of course, don’t forget to seal your autographs and seal your seal, and if you don’t come by then, I’ll feed you with that lawyer Kim. Don’t forget to be punctual, faithful to the content, and notarization. Okay? Notary.”
It was them who were completely. No one dares to refute, and as expected, lawyers with frequent court access seem to have a bigger problem. As the second son-in-law looked up at Ki-chan, I thought it was strange that he was an 80-year-old craftsman who was as powerful as a young man.삼성화재 암보험 보험비교사이트
Obviously, a craftsman is a craftsman, but he seems like a different person.
It’s either death or life. One time, he thought he had to turn the tables.
“But am I really your father?”
At the moment, I was so excited that I thought my role had been lifted, and as if I had found a gap, all the daughters of my son-in-law’s son-in-law’s sons-in-law’s sons-in-law began to look at Ki-chan as if they were trying to catch the pods.
I don’t know what it is, but I knew that it wasn’t the same spirit that I don’t know what it was.
“Be quiet, I’ve eaten sea cucumbers saved by Ilnam’s mother in Jeju, mountain ginseng from Hallasan Mountain, four ginsengs, and Goryeo ginseng, and now I’m full of energy, you bastards….Bad guys.”
Still, he struggles as if he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity he has caught.
“Bad one less, you didn’t just forget the consent form, did you? You gom-tting. That’s enough, you stupid humans…Tzuyu, Tzuyu.
“…….”농협 암보험 보험비교사이트
He can’t say a word again. He bows his head.
“If you know, go, don’t forget to write a waiver to the center’s chairman’s office by eleven o’clock tomorrow morning. All of you bitch. Prove the seal on your autograph and bring it with you. Notarization is a must, and if you don’t come by then, you know you’re not responsible. Strict punctuality, faithful content, and the first to arrive may be rewarded. If you knew, you’d all go.”
Then he closed his eyes, put his arms around him, and shut his mouth shut.
I’m trying to make a guess, but I’m shaking my hand as if I’m telling you to go away.
I can’t even say anything, but something like seaweed rises from Ki-chan’s head. Kichan, who thought he would show these guys something, was going to raise steam from his head.
with a perfectly steamy look on his face,
The second son-in-law asked the group to go out in sign language and sneaked out of the living room.
In front of the front door, the sons-in-law and daughters-in-law and daughters-in-law gathered together to discuss countermeasures, but they couldn’t. Anyway, I said that if I go first, there might be a prize, so I’ll take the first prize. The computer on these bitch’s heads is making noise.한화 암보험 보험비교사이트
The time was passing eleven o’clock.
“Il Nam also had a hard day today. Now go upstairs and sleep.”
Send Il-nam upstairs, call So-hee, sit by her side, hold her hand,
“You’ve had a hard time, haven’t you?”
“No, I’m sorry.”
Jung So-hee’s voice is weak.
“No. It’s my fault. Let’s put Hee Sook’s mother and daughter in the master bedroom and go upstairs and sleep.”
“Malley! Please take a seat on the second floor.”
“Thank you very much for coming without any trouble. And I really didn’t know you thought of me like that.”
“No. I got a lot of help from your father when I was in trouble, and that’s what I should do. Anyway, let’s talk tomorrow. Let’s go to bed early today.”
“Yes!”라이나생명 암보험 보험비교사이트
The main room was originally on the second floor. A few years ago, the main room was moved downstairs and the main room on the second floor was a study, and there were two vacant rooms on the second floor, one of which was temporarily used. Ilnam arranged for a room away from the room.
While Jung So-hee went to the main room and took her pajamas and went upstairs, Gi-chan looked around the house and locked the gate to the yard, and Cha Il-bu, who was standing crouching in front of the front porch, bowed to him at a 90-degree angle.
“Thank you for coming back.”
“It’s late today, so let’s talk tomorrow. Maybe it’s the last night in this house, but good night anyway.”
It was a hint that he would be fired tomorrow.
Cha Il-bu trembled for a moment.
When Ki-chan finished the lock himself and went upstairs, he ran into Kim, who was coming down from the second floor.
“I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Malley! Let’s talk tomorrow, good night. Oh, do some physical restraint.”
Mal-rye’s body trembled lightly in the midst of ambiguity, with some sort of reprimand-like feeling.

It was a small bedroom on the second floor. Of course, every room in this house has a toilet attached to it.
As I walked into the room, Kichan…
“Prepare me to take a bath first…”
“Yes!”라이나 암보험 보험비교사이트
Coming out of the bathtub with the bath water on, Jung So-hee said,
“Dad! Thank you very much. I really thought my dad was dead. Thank you very much.”
He dug into Ki-chan’s arms while doing so.
Kichan held her and found her lips.
There were many days when Ki-chan had hoped that this person would die quickly because he had bothered her for a long time with a person who couldn’t even stand up.
But not today. At least not tonight,” Jung was making several resolutions in her mind. At least tonight he’ll do whatever he wants. I’ll suck it up if you want me to suck it up, lick it if I want it, and do whatever you want me to do. It was Jung So-hee who thought that.
As they rub their lips together and share a deep kiss, the symbol of the man being crushed on Jung So-hee’s thigh was felt quite firm.
Jung So-hee thought it would be an illusion, but soon realized that it was a reality, not an illusion.
After a deep kiss, Ki-chan took off all his clothes from his body and went into the bathroom. Kichan’s body heading to the bathroom looked as fresh and elastic as a teenager’s.
On his way to the bathroom, Kichan…
“Come naked and push your back…!”
Let’s say, Jung So-hee.
I answered, but I hesitated.
Only when she heard the sound of the plucking again did Jung So-hee take off her pajamas and go into the bathroom in her underwear.
Gi-chan was lying in the bathtub and the water level was rising and hot water was running down the bathroom floor.
When Jung So-hee came in, she sat in the bathtub.
Kichan’s chubby, plump body was a little damp and emaciated.
“I’m sorry that I’ve caused So-hee so much trouble. I’ll be good to you from now on, so don’t meet another guy anymore…!”
I don’t know what and how she can do it well, but she replied rather modestly because she felt like she had to answer.
“Yes! I will.”
Now I don’t want So-hee to think so either.”
Gi-chan managed to operate the colon bacillus.
Then the water overflowed as it rose. It was the first time that Kichan used great mercy.
In short, something like a horse rose from inside the bathtub.
Jung So-hee was sitting in the bathtub and looking at the toilet paper, noticing the change in Ki-chan’s body.
Kichan drew So-hee’s hand to hold her own.
A hard, large male symbol inadvertently passed on at the end of the hand seemed to be another life that was almost as big as a pulse in the water. Jung So-hee’s eyes, which turned her head by casually touching Ki-chan’s, grew so big that her eyes couldn’t grow bigger.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..”
She couldn’t shut her mouth as she went on her mother’s hair.
How can a man grow so big in the world, and this firmness is beyond imagination?
“While I was lost in the mountains of Jeju Island, I didn’t eat well, so this is how it turned out….”
Suddenly, terror-stricken Jung So-hee shed tears.
I felt as if I were going to tear it apart if I asked to take it.
Suddenly, when Ki-chan changed his mind, the big one turned soft and had a light pulse (?), but it was still too big.
Gi-chan pulled her up and sucked her lips.

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